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That syntax can be a bit easier to parse if you copy it into the PowerShell ISE and format it a bit:
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These accessibility levels are used to declare nested types as well as other members. The default accessibility level of top-level types is internal. Within a class declaration, the default accessibility level is private. The default value of a class instance is null. The various kinds of class members other than nested types are described in the following sections. Constants A constant is an unchangeable value that can be computed at compile time. A constant is declared using the const keyword in the following manner:
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Note Don t place comments after the line continuation character on the same line of code. There are also
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7.3.2 Types of AppleScripts
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As usual, there is a certain amount of planning and setup to be done. Here is an overview of what you need to do: 1. 2. Add a new target to your project for the testing process. Your unit tests will run only when this target is current. Decide what you are going to test.
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The using statement is used in two ways. The first is to specify namespaces, which is covered in 3. The second use is to ensure that Dispose() is called at the end of a block, which is covered in detail in 8.
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CONTAINS and FREETEXT have two cousins CONTAINSTABLE and FREETEXTTABLE. They return KEY and RANK information, which can be used for ranking your results:
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For more than ten years now, every Mac that shipped with system 7.1.1 (also known as System 7 Pro) and all the following operating systems had everything it needed to use AppleScript you didn t
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A ColorAnimation enables you to create smooth transitions from one color to another. These transitions can be performed between any two System.Windows.Media.Color property values. For this reason, this type of animation is used primarily with a brush as shown in this example:
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Because we have two animations operating at the same time, we re moving both the solid and transparent gradient stops exactly in sync. But, we can make the effect a little more interesting by offsetting the times a little. We can make the animation moving the solid gradient stop start a fraction of a second later.
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Listing 6.10 Filtering using a range
A new instance of System.Collections.Hashtable is created, and then the members of the source IDictionary are copied into the new object.
hierarchical fashion, and displaying them. Because this process is almost always the same, the declarative approach internalizes these common operations and leaves only the specifics to define. In XAML, you don t have to declare variables for the controls, to instantiate them, or explicitly parent them to each other. In the cases where some special logic is desired, you can write code to handle your special case. Some might argue that developers don t need to understand XAML because the tools can hide the details and complexity of creating UI. A similar argument has been made for browser developers, yet as long as the tools have been around, the need to understand HTML certainly hasn t gone away. Likewise, the need to understand XAML won t go away for WPF developers. Furthermore, the first few versions of the tools still require a lot of trips to XAML to do anything substantial, and the tools may never expose some of the more esoteric capabilities. XAML is a language you ll want to become very familiar with. Although XAML has the benefits of a well-defined XML schema, many of the things you ll do with XAML involve attribute and element values that are outside the scope and control of the schema. XML schemas can enforce that an attribute has a value, but it can t enforce that the attribute is correct. Fortunately, Visual Studio 2008 is a big help here because it can help make sure that attributes have legal values.
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