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Listing 5.26 Using the ForEach query operator with a query expression
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PS (6) > $a, $b, $c 5 4 3
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EF is built on top of the existing ADO provider model, the EF can work against data stores other than SQL Server. If you can t wait for native LINQ support for other databases, you may want to look into the LINQ to Entities and the EF for
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This example gets an entity from the user and displays the point s object type and coordinates: Public Sub TestGetEntity() Dim objEnt As AcadEntity Dim varPick As Variant On Error Resume Next With ThisDrawing.Utility .GetEntity objEnt, varPick, vbCr & "Pick an entity: " If objEnt Is Nothing Then 'check if object was picked. .Prompt vbCrLf & "You did not pick as entity" Exit Sub End If .Prompt vbCr & "You picked a " & objEnt.ObjectName .Prompt vbCrLf & "At " & varPick(0) & "," & varPick(1) End With End Sub GetEntity raises an error if the input is null, such as when there is no entity at the picked point, or if the user presses Enter without selecting an entity. The example checks for this condition to avoid the error.
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Composing a New E-mail Message
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Take a look at the leftmost factorial() source code in Figure 11-2. factorial() is called with a parameter of 3. The if statement checks to see if the parameter is greater than 1. Since 3 is greater than 1, the following statement is executed:
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So far, so good. However, although AppleScript may put all this power at your fingertips, mastering it all can take a bit of time and effort. The commands AppleScript was given at the factory are few get, set, copy, count, and run so where does the complexity lie Remember that most of the real power of the AppleScript language comes from applications scriptability. Applications have many more commands built into them. Adobe InDesign, for example, has about 80 of its own commands, FileMaker Pro has about 30, and Adobe Photoshop has more than 65 commands. To control scriptable applications, you have to send them commands and to do that you first have to learn what commands each application supports and how to use them correctly.
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This sets the size of a file in bytes. This command can wipe out the contents of a file by setting the EOF to zero: set eof file "Macintosh HD:test.xml" to 0 Read more about the set eof command in 14.
useful sample data to start modifying. To do that, navigate to the Search Center, select the tab that you created earlier (in our case, the Products tab), and perform a search. I performed a search on the word bike, which gave me plenty of results, as shown in figure 6.9.
To create a new playlist on the iPhone, touch the Add Playlist tab under Genius Playlist.
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