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SQL Server index usage
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// example AL statement... // reset // compiles to... ldc.i4.0 stloc.0 // load constant zero // store in V_0
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-- Create a Classifier Function CREATE FUNCTION ClassifierFn_Basic() RETURNS SYSNAME WITH SCHEMABINDING AS BEGIN DECLARE @ResGroup AS SYSNAME IF (SUSER_NAME() = 'reporting') SET @ResGroup = 'RG_Reporting' IF (SUSER_NAME() = 'sales') SET @ResGroup = 'RG_Sales' RETURN @ResGroup END GO -- Configure Resource Governor to use the new function ALTER RESOURCE GOVERNOR WITH (CLASSIFIER_FUNCTION=dbo.ClassifierFn_Basic) GO
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Which Compiler Did You Run
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Table 3.2 The compiler optimization levels avaliable under gcc/g++ Menu item None (less optimized, more debuggable) Level 1 -O1
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Typically WndProc contained a long switch statement to identify and process individual messages. Of course, with Windows Forms, this type of low-level processing is
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The second section of the drop-down menu is labeled Active Configuration, and that s what you need to change so you can build a version of your application to distribute. By default, when you re working in Xcode, you re working in the debug configuration. When you build an application this way, Xcode builds it with extra stuff to make it easier to troubleshoot your application. These debug symbols allow you, for example, to examine and change the values of different variables while the program is running, or to step through your source code line-by-line using the debugger. In this chapter, we re not doing anything that needs those symbols, but it s generally good to develop using the debug configuration, switching out of it only to create a distributable version of your application. An application built using the debug configuration is going to be a bit bigger and slower than one built for distribution. On the other hand, building for distribution is typically a bit slower than building the debug version, because the compiler is doing more work to try to optimize the resulting code, and usually building for multiple platforms (Intel and
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Specify JScript
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else Console.WriteLine("{0}", o); } } public static void Main() { Simple s = new Simple(13); Complicated c = new Complicated("Tracking Test"); DoConsoleDump(s, c); } } This produces the following output: 13 Tracking Test Latency: 0 Requests: 0 Failures: 0 This example has dumping functions that can list objects and their internal state. Some objects have a complicated internal state and need to pass back some rich information, while others can get by with the information returned by their ToString() functions. This is nicely expressed by the IDebugDump interface, which is used to generate the output if an implementation of the interface is present. This example uses the as operator, which will return the interface if the object implements it or null if it doesn t.
Table 12.1 Format C D E F G N X
Tap the Custom ringtone to select it.
While Runs can be implicit in the XAML, the Insert method requires a Run element, or something that derives from Run. You can click the button as many times as you d like and it ll happily insert new text wherever the caret is positioned.
PS (1) > get-process p* | stop-process
Listing 13-2. Output from the Command Line === Status === HRESULT = 0x80040202 Source = Microsoft VBScript runtime error Description = Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'CreateEvent' Resolution = Help File = Help Context = 0 Source File = Source Line = 34 The output from Response Test can be very large if the script you are testing contains numerous errors. We therefore recommend that you either increase the DOS windows screen buffer size, or that you pipe the output into a text file (e.g., ResponseTest /script:c:\dns.vbs >output.txt). Having the output in a file makes it easier to search the output for errors.
CHAPTER 6: Controlling Your Program s Flow
A covering index on (LastName, FirstName) can still be used to satisfy this query, although it ll require an index scan, not an index seek, and as such will take longer and more page reads than a query that can seek. You don t even have to use the leftmost column of your covering index in your WHERE clause a covering index on (FirstName, LastName) can also be used to satisfy this select just as well. The rule that you need to have the most selective column first in your index isn t true for covering indexes, either. For instance, even though ContactID is more selective than FirstName, the following query runs faster against an index on (FirstName, ContactID) than against an index on (ContactID, FirstName):
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