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Networking and communications
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String String Int 16 Int 16 Int 16 Transformable
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Figure 10-1. The program portal screen for creating a new app ID
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The entry point Every C# program starts execution in a Main function, just like it does in C, C++, and Java (although in C# it must begin with a capital M). This function is the starting point, or entry point, for our application. After the Windows operating system creates a new process, initializes various internal data structures, and loads the executable program into memory, our program is invoked by calling this entry point, optionally providing the command-line arguments specified by the user. The entry point in C# is similar to the main function found in C and C++, except that in C# it must be a static member of a class. The Main function can be void or return an int, and it can optionally receive the command-line parameters as an array of strings. The four possible forms for this function are shown below.
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#include <stdio.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include "dvdFiler.h" WriteFile() first checks to see if there are any DVDs to write out. If gFirstPtr is NULL (the
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Here s a question for you: where do you think this sprite will be positioned on the screen Contrary to what you might be used to from other game engines, the texture is centered on the sprite s position. The sprite just initialized will be located at position 0,0, so it is positioned at the lower left corner of the screen. Because the sprite s texture is centered on the sprite s position, the texture will be only partially visible. Assuming the image is 80 x 30-pixels in size, you d have to move the sprite to position 40,15 to make the s texture align perfectly with the lower left corner of the screen and be fully visible. While unusual at first glance, centering the texture on the sprite does have great advantages. Once you start using the rotation or scale properties of the sprite, the sprite will stay centered on its position. WARNING: File names are case-sensitive on iOS devices! While you re on the simulator, the file name s case doesn t matter but when you switch over to testing on the device, it will most likely crash if the file name is actually something like @ default.PNG , as in the example. This has caused many developers serious headaches and it s another reason you should test on the device often. It s also a good idea to come up with a naming scheme for file names and stick to it. Personally, I keep them in lowercase, using dashes where needed to separate words.
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SELECT [DueDate],SUM([OrderQty]) AS SumQty FROM [AdventureWorks].[Production].[WorkOrder] GROUP BY [DueDate]
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TIP: Use this slider to control icon sizes.
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For this example, we are going to use arrays, views, and tables to make a very simple app. It will be built upon the master-detail paradigm and use table views to display delicious dinner entrees! Our approach will be very similar to the way that the App Store presents choices on the iPhone/iPad. We will seek to implement a pattern in which the user starts in a table view that presents categories, moves on to a list of all of the items in a selected category, and finally navigates to a page with detailed information about a specific choice. We will use our boilerplate code that can be used to form arrays, and we will use stubs in other applications that produce results similar to the App Store interface just described.
Delete file
CHAPTER 22: Maps
Data controls: DataGrid and DataForm
' <item name="Bat" cost="99" /> '</root> Dim xmlDoc As New XmlDocument xmlDoc.LoadXml("<root></root>") With xmlDoc 'create the <item> elements Dim itmGlove As XmlNode = .CreateNode( _ XmlNodeType.Element, "item", "") Dim itmBat As XmlNode = .CreateNode( _ XmlNodeType.Element, "item", "") Dim atName As XmlNode Dim atCost As XmlNode 'setup itmGlove node atName = .CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Attribute, "name", "") atName.Value = "Baseball Glove" atCost = .CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Attribute, "cost", "") atCost.Value = 50 itmGlove.Attributes.Append(atName) itmGlove.Attributes.Append(atCost) 'append the node to the XML Document .FirstChild.AppendChild(itmGlove) 'setup itmBat Node atName = Nothing atName = .CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Attribute, _ "name", "") atName.Value = "Bat" 'setup atCost Node atCost = Nothing atCost = .CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Attribute, _ "cost", "") atCost.Value = 99 'append nodes to Attributes collection itmBat.Attributes.Append(atName) itmBat.Attributes.Append(atCost) 'append item node to the root .FirstChild.AppendChild(itmBat) End With //C# //<root> // <item name="Baseball Glove" cost="50" /> // <item name="Bat" cost="99" /> //</root> XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument(); xmlDoc.LoadXml("<root></root>");
You should already be comfortable using fgets(). In our previous uses, we passed stdin as the third parameter to fgets(). As it turns out, stdin is a FILE pointer automatically provided to your program when it starts. In this chapter, we ll open a file with fopen() and use fgets() to read from the file. Here s an example:
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