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Figure 9.3 Certificate methods
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Update the remainder of the file to access the current photograph using this new field rather than the CurrentPhoto method. Note: This requires updating the ResetSettings, SaveSettings, and cmbxPhotographer_Validated
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Figure 7 2. Creating a new application project, and turning on the Core Data option
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Figure 5.9 Building a professionallooking interface for custom Editor Parts enhances the user experience.
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Random Rnd=new Random(Environment.TickCount); string MethodToUse = Methods[Rnd.Next(Methods.Length)]; switch(MethodToUse) { case "TestMethod0": MyDelegate = new TestDelegate(TestMethod0); break; case "TestMethod1": MyDelegate = new TestDelegate(TestMethod1); break; } if (MyDelegate != null) MyDelegate(); }
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Adding running totals to a report is a common business requirement. It s also one of the few situations where declarative code often (though not always) results in poor performance. In this example, I ll use the AdventureWorks sample database to report all sales, arranged by customer, ordered by date, and with a running total of all order amounts for a customer up to and including that date. Note that the Microsoft-supplied sample database is populated with more than 31,000 orders for over 19,000 customers, and that the highest number of orders for a single customer is 28.
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Keyboard Accelerators
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methods. The declaration of a delegate requires the delegate keyword employed in the following manner:
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Listing 9.10 Multiline TextBox
then is to read data, pass it to the parser, and receive audio data in your callback functions. The callback functions will almost always be called multiple times as data is received. Figure 3-3 illustrates how this operates once playback has started.
Listin g 15-11. Fast FIFO Class
Type in your note.
If you forget to specify a return value, some compilers will say nothing, some will print warnings, and others will report errors.
trapped this exception. This is a significant point. What happens after a trap handler is complete depends on how the statement terminates. If the body of the statement simply exits normally then an error object will be written to the error stream, and, depending on the setting of $ErrorActionPreference, either the exception will be rethrown or execution will continue at the statement after the statement that caused the exception. This is what we saw in the previous example. To make this point clearer, let s add another statement after the one that caused the error:
Setting up crawling
Part 3 NHibernate in the real world
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