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Xcode Workspace Preferences
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Member types that can be added with Add-Member Description An alias property provides an alternate name for an existing property. For example, if there is an existing Length property then you might alias this to Count. A property that maps to a static method on a .NET class. A native property on the object. In other words, a property that exists on the underlying object that is surfaced directly to the user. For example, there might be a native property Length that we choose to also make available through an extended alias member. A data-only member on the object (equivalent to a .NET field). A property whose value is determined by a piece of PowerShell script. The collection of properties exposed by this object. A named group of properties. A native method on the underlying object. For example, the SubString() method on the class System.String shows up as a method. A method that is mapped to a static method on a .NET class. A method implemented in PowerShell script. A property that takes both arguments and a value to assign. This is typically used for things line indexers and might look like: $collection.item(2.3) = "hello" This sets the element at 2,3 in the collection to the value hello .
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Keep in mind that methods don t support -confirm or -whatif, and you always have to have the parentheses after the method name, even if they don t contain any parameters. Browsing the list of other SharePoint-related commands, I can see a lot of capabilities. I should be able to do just about anything. The trick to learning how to accomplish any task involves these three steps:
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You might decide you don t want your kids listening to explicit lyrics in music on your iPad. You may also not want them to visit YouTube and watch content you find objectionable. Setting these restrictions is quite easy on your iPad. Once again, Touch the General tab under Settings and tap Restrictions. You will see a large button that says Enable Restrictions. When you touch this, you ll be prompted to enter a Restrictions Passcode just pick a four-digit code you will remember. NOTE: This a separate passcode from your main iPad passcode, you could set it to be the same to remember it easily, however that could be problematic if you let your family know the main passcode, but do not want them adjusting the restrictions.You will need to enter this passcode to turn off restrictions later. Notice that you can adjust whether to allow certain apps at all: Safari, YouTube, iTunes, Installing Apps or Location. OFF = RESTRICTED
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Note For additional information about SQL Server Query Analyzer, refer to the MSDN article at url=/library/ en-us/qryanlzr/qryanlzr_1zqq.asp.
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4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 Anatomy of a report 105 Designing tabular reports 112 Designing freeform reports 123 Designing chart reports 128 4.5 Designing crosstab (matrix) reports 133 4.6 Using other design features in your reports 140 4.7 Summary 148
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Figure 4 1. iPhone application options in the Xcode New Project window
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Figure 8-3. Apparently, the variable user_name has not been declared. So, what went wrong You specifically assigned a value to the user_name variable in line 1, so why did line 4 raise the error it did This is because the local variable was visible in the body of the script but not to the code inside the say_hello handler. The scope of a local variable since you didn t specify otherwise, user_name is a local variable is the current handler only.
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Displaying and capturing media
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<functionDeclarationRule> = <FunctionDeclarationToken> <ParameterArgumentToken> [ '(' <parameterDeclarationExpressionRule> ')' ] <cmdletBodyRule> <cmdletBodyRule> = '{' [ '(' <parameterDeclarationExpressionRule> ')' ] ( [ 'begin' <statementBlock> | 'process' <statementBlock> | 'end' <statementBlock> ]* | <statementList> '}'
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Creating an application definition file
Listing 7 PowerShell translation of deleteTRN.vbs
As you can see, PowerShell does detect the script but warns you that you have to type either an absolute or relative path in order to run the script. Because the script is located in C:\, you could run either C:\test, which is an absolute path, or run .\test, which is a relative path that points to the current folder. The purpose of this security feature is to guard against a type of attack called command hijacking. The attack involves putting a script into a folder, and giving it the same name as a built-in command, such as Dir. With PowerShell, you never put a path in front of a command name. So if you run Dir, you know you re running the command. If you run .\Dir, you know you re running a script named Dir.ps1.
Trace listener option -PSHost -Debugger -FilePath <string>
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