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ECS 408 EditedFormattedValue 417 EDM. See Entity Data Model EF. See Entity Framework Element 354 ElementAt 365 Elements 324, 354, 356, 364, 389 query axis method 389 elements 353 current 364 operators 97 removing 343 ElementsAfterSelf 324, 362 ElementsBeforeSelf 324, 362 embedded expressions 396 embedding queries 403 query expressions 401 XML in code 393 encapsulating 386 encapsulation 14 EndsWith 218 entity 38 39 life cycle 257 266 Entity Data Model 307 Entity Framework 308 See also ADO.NET Entity Framework EntitySet 226, 422 Assign 244 EntitySpaces 513 equality operator 97
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Former life as a developer: Ten years in the United States Navy aboard two submarines as a nuclear power engineer. Ten years developing Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X applications. Successful IPO in 2002 as the chief information officer of a national health care company. Developing with Windows Visual C/C++, Linux C/C++, Objective-C, MYSQL, and Oracle DB. Life as an iPhone Developer: EA Sports Tee Shot Live, Colorado Snow Report, Utah Snow Report, RSS Parsing, and SQLite 3 What s in this chapter: This chapter explores processes, threads, race conditions, critical sections, asynchronous programming, deadlocks, threading basics, creating threads, threading dangers, building threading applications, and run loops. Key technologies Threading Critical sections Deadlocks
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Figure 16.9 The new Window menu for our application will support options related to managing child forms within the parent window.
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The DimDiametric object represents a dimension showing the length of a chord across a circle or arc. The AddDimDiametric method creates a new diametric dimension. DimDiametricObject = Object.AddDimDiametric _ (ChordPoint1, ChordPoint2, LeaderLength) Table 11-8 shows the AddDimDiametric method s parameters.
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The superclass is the class you re inheriting from. The superclass of Circle is Shape. The superclass of Shape is NSObject. Parent class is another word for superclass. For example, Shape is the parent class of Rectangle.
We now have our FoundQuotes controller fetching values based on the contents of a predicate which is owned by the app delegate. The next step is to add an NSPredicateEditor to the search window, and configure it to let the user edit the predicate. In Interface Builder, bring up the Quote Finder window. Make the whole window a bit taller, and drag the existing table view and text view down to the bottom. Then find an NSPredicateEditor in the Library, drag it into the empty space at the top of the window, then resize it to make it fill the available space. Figure 9-7 shows the idea.
Understanding data regions Besides report items, the Report Items toolbar includes more sophisticated report elements referred to as data regions. While you can use stand-alone textbox and image report items to display data, they are most useful when they display repeating rows of data from a report dataset. In chapter 3 you saw how RS uses datasets to represent the results of queries returned by data providers. To bind report items to datasets, you use data regions. In this respect, .NET developers may relate RS data regions to ASP.NET data-bound controls, such as the data repeater control. Table 4.2 lists the data regions that RS supports and describes how they can be used to create different types of reports.
CHAPTER 6: Personalize & Secure Your iPad
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You will see an animated icon jump into the shopping cart. Type in your iTunes password and touch OK to complete the sale.
Microsoft has added support for data binding with DataSet in most .NET controls. It s easy to bind a DataSet to a control so that its information is displayed and any changes (made by the user) reverberate in the DataSet. Using DataSets is probably the most productive way to implement a presentation layer. You may lose some control over how information is presented, but it s good enough in most cases. The situation is more complicated with hand-coded entities.
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