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Synchronous Database Mirroring - Stats by Network Latency
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number. But it calculates the absolute distance between points if you enter it on the graphics screen.
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Figure 3-5. The Width and Height properties of UserForm
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Visual Web Part projects always include a Feature, found under the Feature node in the project. A Feature is a set of components, definitions, and actions that are deployed onto a specified scope. Each Package can contain several Features. Visual Studio has a designer that you can use to edit the Feature in the same way you do with the Package. You can also edit the underlying XML manually by using a template file, as you do with Packages. The designer can be used to add items to or remove them from your Feature. When we build the next Web Part, we ll take a closer look at the Feature designer.
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a. When the button is pushed, invoke the Pixel Data menu to ensure the dialog is displayed. b. Otherwise, hide the dialog if it is currently displayed. c. Also call the AssignPixelToggle method to update the button settings.
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Selecting tags from the list is easier, and it helps you avoid making mistakes when typing any of your tags.
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The following example sections a selected solid and moves the new region to another location. Remember to use object snap overrides such as Near and Perpendicular when you define the section plane. Try it on some of the solids you created earlier in this chapter. Public Sub TestSectionSolid() Dim objFirst As Acad3DSolid Dim objSecond As Acad3DSolid Dim objNew As AcadRegion Dim varPick As Variant Dim varPnt1 As Variant Dim varPnt2 As Variant Dim varPnt3 As Variant On Error Resume Next With ThisDrawing.Utility '' get first solid from user .GetEntity objFirst, varPick, vbCr & "Pick a solid to section: " If Err Then MsgBox "That is not an Acad3DSolid" Exit Sub End If '' highlight entity objFirst.Highlight True objFirst.Update .InitializeUserInput 1 varPnt1 = .GetPoint(varPick, vbCr & "Pick first section point: ") .InitializeUserInput 1 varPnt2 = .GetPoint(varPnt1, vbCr & "Pick second section point: ") .InitializeUserInput 1 varPnt3 = .GetPoint(varPnt2, vbCr & "Pick last section point: ")
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The query in listing 6 will return the first and last day of every quarter from January, 2000, until December, 2024.
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Require that the COM object be returned instead of the interop assembly
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Listin g 23-3. Singleton Factory Pattern
CHAPTER 8: Shoot em Up
Figure 5.2 Books sorted by title in ascending order according to the user s choice of a sort order
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