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Plane projection (System.Windows.Media.PlaneProjection), introduced in Silverlight 3, was one of the most anticipated features to make it into the product. At the time of Silverlight 3, the CoverFlow effect from iTunes was all the rage. You could simulate it using skew transforms and stitching of images but the result was never quite right. PlaneProjection has several key properties, as described in table 6.3. You may wonder why it exposes denormalized properties instead of three 3D point structures. The reason is binding and animation: by providing the individual properties as DependencyProperty properties, they can be used in binding and animation.
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#include <stdio.h> void DrawDots( int numDots );
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As mentioned in 1, C is one of the most popular programming languages around. There s very little you can t do in C (or in some variant of C), once you know how. On the other hand, a C program is not necessarily the best solution to every programming problem. For example, suppose you are trying to build a database to track your company s inventory. Rather than writing a custom C program to solve your problem, you might be able to use an off-the-shelf package like FileMaker Pro or perhaps a Unix-based solution like MySQL or PostgreSQL to construct your database. The programmers who created these packages solved most of the knotty database-management problems you d face if you tried to write your program from scratch. The lesson here is, before you tackle a programming problem, examine all the alternatives. You might find one that will save you time and money or that will prove to be a better solution to your problem. Some problems can be solved using the Mac s built-in scripting language, AppleScript. Just like C, AppleScript is a programming language. Typically, you d use AppleScript to control other applications. For example, you might create an AppleScript script that gets your daily calendar from iCal, formats it just the way you like it using TextEdit, and then prints out the results. Or, perhaps, you might write a script that launches Safari and opens each of your bookmarked news sites in a separate window. If you can use existing applications to do what you need, chances are good you can use AppleScript to get the job done. Some applications feature their own proprietary scripting language. For instance, Microsoft Excel lets you write programs that operate on the cells within a spreadsheet. Some word processing programs let you write scripts that control just about every word processing feature in existence. Though proprietary scripting languages can be quite useful, they aren t much help outside their intended environments. You wouldn t find much use for the Excel scripting language outside Excel, for example.
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Now we come to this class s longest method, the NSApplication delegate method applicationShouldTerminate:. This method is called by the application when the user selects Quit from the menu, and gives the delegate a chance to save changes, inspect its state, ask the user if they really want to quit, and so on. The value returned by this method determines whether the application will really terminate or not. Here s the code:
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In the MyPhotos application, we have already used a number of push buttons in our application, and we ve seen how the DialogResult property can be used to automatically exit a modal dialog when a button is clicked. An overview of the Button class appears in .NET Table 9.5. In this section we build a dialog window for editing album properties to permit modification of internal album settings by the user. Our hidden agenda, of course, is to demonstrate the various types of buttons.
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Having an empty grid is fun and all, but unless you can put some content into it, it isn t very useful. If you re following along, go ahead and drag a Button into the lower-right square (figure 5.6). As you can see, the editor is trying to be helpful again by automatically figuring out margins to keep the control where you dropped it. But if you re using a Grid layout, chances are that you want the Grid to do the laying out, rather than relying on fixed positioning. The main thing you need to do to fix this is to set the Margin property to 0, although if you ve done any playing, you may have to set a few other properties, as shown in table 5.1.
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credentials, you should see the pooled connection counter going up. Wait for one minute or remove the session record from the SessionData table in ReportServerTempDB. Step 5 Repeat the process by opening up another instance of the browser and requesting the report again. The pooled connection counter should remain unchanged. This means that the .NET SqlClient provider uses connection pooling behind the scenes and reuses the already existing connection. Let s now change the authentication options of the data source to Windows Integrated Security. For the new test, you need two Windows user accounts, which are members of the Administrator group. You can use regular user accounts, but you have to specifically give them rights to the database, while members of the Administrator group automatically get admin privileges. Fire up the browser again and request the Sales by Territory report. Observe the pooled connection performance counter. Now, right-click on the Internet Explorer shortcut and choose Run As. Specify the username and password for the second user account. Run the report again, and you will see the counter going up instead of remaining unchanged. This proves that the Report Server doesn t pool connections. Let s wrap up our overview of authentication options with some recommendations. Authentication best practices To summarize, we recommend that you follow these guidelines for data source authentication: Use shared data sources. For example, almost all reports from the AWReporter project use the AW Shared DS.rds shared data source. Use the Credentials Stored Securely in the Report Server option with standard or Windows-based authentication.
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appears on the page, you can edit its properties. Your custom Editor Part will appear on the right and look like figure 5.6. In figure 5.6, you can also see that the automatically generated interface is still available. To remove the properties from that category, you need to modify the WebBrowsable attribute so that it has the value set to false or remove the attribute from the property. Once that s done, you can once again deploy your project and test the Web Part.
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Dim p2 = New Person {FirstName := "Tom", LastName := "Gray"} ObjectDumper.Write(p2) End Sub
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CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
The choose application command, if used by itself with no parameters, displays the dialog box shown in Figure 12-33. The default result is an application object, as shown here: application "Finder"
[TemplatePart(Name=Expander.ExpanderButtonName, Type = typeof(ToggleButton))] [TemplateVisualState(Name = Expander.ExpandedStateName, GroupName = "ExpanderStates")] [TemplateVisualState(Name = Expander.CollapsedStateName, GroupName = "ExpanderStates")] public class Expander : ContentControl {
CHAPTER 10: Windows and Menus and Sheets
How can we figure out what files we need to add, but that, as yet, we do not have In the future, when you get to this crucial point, ask yourself: How many views does my iPad/iPhone application need You may have eight different views in your program. This means you would have to add eight new views. We have two photographs, so we only need to add two views. We do this by going to the Classes folder, entering N, and selecting the UIViewController subclass, as shown in Figure 6 85. Make sure that you select the option With XIB for user interface, as shown in Figure 6 86.
object. After querying the information, I create the new PSObject and put it in a variable, $obj c. To add information to that object, I pipe the object to Add-Member four times d. Each time, I specify that I m adding a NoteProperty, give a property name, and provide the value for that property. Note that PowerShell isn t usually casesensitive, but it will preserve whatever case I use, so I ve taken care to make sure that the property names are typed with capital letters so that they look nice in the final output. After adding all four properties, I write the final object to the pipeline e. This listing also shows the command I used to call the function f. You can see that I ve piped it to Format-Table to ensure I get the output format that I want. This new function is infinitely flexible, because it outputs objects instead of text. For example, all of these examples are legitimate ways of using the function:
BufferResponse Enables/disables response buffering for the web method CacheDuration Specifies the number of seconds that your method s response is cached Description Describes the web service method EnableSession Enables/disables session state for the web method MessageName Specifies the name used for data that is passed to and from your web method TransactionOption Sets the transactional support for your web service method Your web services can return any data type as long as the data type can be serialized. This requirement affects the architecture of your web services significantly. A good example is returning an ADO.NET DataSet object versus returning an ADO.NET DataReader object from a web service. A DataSet can easily be serialized, but a DataReader is not serializable. This means that you cannot, under any circumstances, return a DataReader from a web service method. A class is serializable only if it has been marked with the Serializable attribute, as shown here:
By default, the TextBlock displays text using the Lucida Sans Unicode font on Windows machines. On Apple Macintosh computers, an almost identical font known as Lucida Grande is used. Alternatively, you can specify a different font. The FontFamily property enables you to specify the font. More specifically, this property represents the name of the top-level font family. This is important to recognize because some fonts share a common family name; the differences between them lie in their individual feaFigure 9.3 A sampling of the font families tures things such as bold and italic supported within Silverlight options. Silverlight has built-in support for the font families shown in figure 9.3. Figure 9.3 shows the nine TrueType fonts supported within Silverlight. In addition to these fonts, Silverlight has support for Eastern Asian fonts. Collectively, the nine TrueType and Eastern Asian fonts are guaranteed to look almost identical on all platforms supported by Silverlight as long as someone hasn t uninstalled the core fonts for those platforms. If you need to use a custom font, you can do so using font embedding or by referring to a local font on the machine. Previous versions of Silverlight restricted you to embedding or a white list of fonts, with no support for local fonts. Once the FontFamily has been set, this will be the font used within the TextBlock. If your users don t have the font on their machines, the TextBlock will fall back to the default font. You can set fallback priority by providing a comma-delimited list of font family names. FontFamily is one of the more widely used font options. Another widely used option is the FontSize property.
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