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<set name="Items" outer-join="true" table="CATEGORY_ITEM"> <key column="CATEGORY_ID"/> <many-to-many column="ITEM_ID" class="Item"/> </set>
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GetEnumerator() Returns a Class That Doesn t Implement IDisposable
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How do we render a control (Hint: It does not involve big saws and men in bloody aprons.) If you re used to drawing in the Windows SDK or Windows Forms, this will seem spookily familiar (listing 14.8).
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CONCERN Using LINQ to SQL and EF will encourage SELECT * FROM... style coding because
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Figure 4.10 The table region initially displays 3 columns of Header, Detail, and footer rows by default.
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join book in ctx.Books on (string)bookElement.Element(ns + "ASIN") equals book.Isbn.Trim() select new { Title = book.Title, Reviews = from reviewElement in bookElement.Descendants(ns + "Review") orderby (int)reviewElement.Element(ns + "Rating") descending select new Review { Rating = (int)reviewElement.Element(ns + "Rating"), Comments = (string)reviewElement.Element(ns + "Content") } }; string seperator = "--------------------------"; foreach (var item in results) { Console.WriteLine("Book: " + item.Title); foreach (var review in item.Reviews) { Console.WriteLine(seperator + "\r\nRating: " + review.Rating + "\r\n" + seperator + "\r\n" + review.Comments); } } } } }
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To create the report, use a list region for the subcategory section and a nested table region for the product details. Set the body width of the report to 2.75 in. To set up the multicolumn layout, set the number of columns to 3 in the Report Properties dialog box (figure 4.37).
The Scripting Host Other administration utilities Let s start our tour by looking at how report administrators can leverage the Report Manager web portal to manage the report catalog.
If you re still limping along with OS 9, you are running scripts slower than you could. I know that there are many other considerations for upgrading the operating system, but if you re looking for reasons to upgrade, then you should know that, because of the tighter integration of AppleScript in the OS, your scripts are likely to run faster on OS X.
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Just as a reminder, 527, 33, and 2 are all whole numbers, while 35.7, 92.1, and 1.2345 are not whole numbers.
Both velocity and position are now directly assigned to the bullet. This means that the code calling the shootBulletAt method has to determine the position, direction, and speed of the bullet. This is exactly what I wanted: full flexibility for shooting bullets, including changing the bullet s sprite frame by using the setDisplayFrame method. Since the bullets are all in the same Texture Atlas and thus use the same texture, all it needs to change which bullet is displayed is to set the desired sprite frame. In effect, this is simply going to render a different part of the texture and comes at no extra cost. While I was in the Bullet class, I also fixed the boundary issues the bullets would have had that only bullets moving outside the right side of the screen would have been set invisible and put back on the waiting list. By using the CGRectIntersectsRect check with the bullet s boundingBox and the screenRect in the update method, any bullet having moved completely outside the screen area will be marked for reuse:
Mirroring state Synchronizing Synchronized Disconnected Suspended Pending failover
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