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- (void)exportData:(id)sender { NSData * plistData = [NSPropertyListSerialization dataFromPropertyList:(id)[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:YourDictionaryHere forKey:@"parameters"] format:NSPropertyListXMLFormat_v1_0 errorDescription:nil]; NSMutableURLRequest * request = [[NSMutableURLRequest alloc] init]; [request setURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@ YourURLHere ]]; [request setHTTPMethod:@"POST"]; [request setHTTPBody:plistData];
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CAUTION: The authors recommend that you use SSL security whenever possible. If you do not use SSL, then your login credentials, messages, and any private information is sent in plain text (unencrypted), leaving it open to snoopers.
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Microsoft BI stack
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Adding a CC or BCC Recipient
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How to serve newsfeeds
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This covers the basic use of stopwords and stoplists in 2008. Let s take a moment now to look at some advanced queries that will help you manage your stopwords and stoplists.
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The alternative to using CreateDelegate and DynamicInvoke is to use a large case statement:
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Using the login item Class
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Performs a secondary sort in ascending order. Performs a secondary sort in descending order. Reverses the order of the elements in a sequence.
To locate the Marvel Comic app in the App Store, go to Categories and then Books. The app is free, and you can purchase comic books from inside the app. At the bottom of the Home screen you'll see five buttons: My Comics, Featured, Free, Top 25, and Browse. Purchases you make will be under the My Comics heading. The App Store gives you the opportunity to download both free comics and individual issues for sale. Most sell for $1.99 per issue. Each tab takes you to a new list of comics to browse, much like the iTunes store. Touch the Browse button to browse by Genre, Creator, Storylines, or Series. Or you can type in a search to find a particular comic.
In this example, the On Error Resume Next statement tells Visual Basic to keep executing code should an error occur. This lets you gracefully handle the error. This example first tries to connect to an already running instance of AutoCAD. If that attempt fails, then the Err object holds the error code. The Err object s Clear method then clears the error. It then tries to start AutoCAD. If that attempt fails, then the application can t continue.
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It is also worth noting here that the String class overrides the Equals method to perform a value-based case-sensitive comparison of its contents, even though it is a reference type. This ensures that two String objects are identical as long as they contain the same set of characters in the same order. We should also override the GetHashCode and ToString methods in our Photograph class. The default GetHashCode implementation for the Object class returns different hash values for different references, while the default ToString implementation returns the name of the type, in this case the string "Photograph". Neither of these implementations really works for our purposes. This is especially true for the GetHashCode method. This method should return an identical value for identical, or equal, objects. The default implementation for reference types works fine when two physically different objects are never equal. In our case, since two different photographs can now be equal, this means that two Photograph objects that refer to the same file name might return different hash values.3 This would make it rather difficult to look up Photograph objects in a hash table. As a
ProcessMonitor: A simple binding example
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