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CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search
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Data Center-as-a-Service, private clouds 44 46 database architecture, traditional, vs. sharding 107 109 centralized 104 consistency eventual 32 guarantees 32 decomposition 105 item-oriented 32 join 33 key-value 32 master-slave 109 scaling 108 shared-nothing partitioning 104 updates, frequent, and scaling 104 DDoS attack 82, 208 decision support 35 decryption 219 DeleteAttributes 35 Dell and mega data centers 199 and open source cloud 202 demand, event-driven spike 61 denormalizing 108 Department of Homeland Security, as part of FedRAMP 204 Department of the Treasury, use of cloud 204 deployment architecture, traditional 149 150 automating 154 155 cloud 152 156 continuous 168 cost 152 typical 149 152 deployment model, cost comparison 53 depreciation 60 deprovisioning, automated 116 design, definition 103 development accelerating 155 156 single-threaded 157 development environment 149
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You could also write this as follows:
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Let s discuss each of these steps in more detail.
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AutoCAD 2004 (and hence, 2006) adds, removes, and modifies quite a few Options dialog box features, as well as many AcadPreferences objects. Be sure to read the online development documentation for changes in AutoCAD 2004. There are some interesting things to note, in addition to my comment earlier about changing the DockedVisibleLines property having no effect on the number of lines displayed for the command prompt. For example, although AutoCAD 2004 adds the new hover grip feature to the Options dialog box, the three color options are not represented cohesively under the hood. Figure 5-5 shows the Selection tab.
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Tap here to see Globe of People Playing around the World.
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Other Fun Stuff: Baseball on the iPad
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The LINQ to SQL approach looks a lot like the NHibernate way of doing ORM. LINQ to SQL uses POCO objects to represent your application data (the entities). The mapping of those objects to database tables is described either in declarative attributes in code or in an XML document. After the mapping and the classes are complete, the LINQ to SQL framework takes care of generating SQL for database operations. Once the entities are implemented, you must think about how they will be presented to the end user.
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viewed is paginated automatically. This is a default optimization designed to reduce the data transferred to the device. Some devices (or browsers on devices) support the default SharePoint interface. The default interface isn t optimized for small screens or touch gestures, which may make the interface less usable when working with information. Even though the device might support the default SharePoint interface, you might want to speed up the access while on slower networks and to reduce the traffic and roaming costs. To access the mobile pages using a full browser or on a device that supports the full interface, append mobile=1 to the query string, like this:
1 gave you the what of cloud computing. Delving into the technology behind cloud computing in chapter 2, you learned the how. Let s now look at the why and when. These two questions have to do with the economics and the broader business issues that you need to examine when and if you consider moving to the cloud. You ll need to know how to make the transition, the type of cloud that makes sense, and when is the right time to make the move. In looking at the economics of cloud computing, first we ll examine the most common models for setting up and managing IT infrastructure including internal IT, colocated, managed services, and the cloud. A good way of doing this is to compare the detailed costs of deployment in the different models comparing
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Another implication of functions being values is that you can conditionally change a function value while it s running. This technique, referred to as lazy loading or lazy definition, is one we ll turn to often in s 9 and 10. Because native functions such as Object.create() are compiled into gobbledygook, they run much faster than your plain-text functions. So, it s best to opt for a native function to do some work if one is available. Conditional advance loading is one way to ensure that JavaScript opts for fast-running gobbledygook. Lazy loading that is, having a function redefine itself the first time it s called is another way. Lazy loaders are appropriate for functions that may not be needed or that are not needed right away. Lazy refers to not redefining a function unless or until you have to. On the other hand, conditional advance loading is appropriate for functions you definitely need, especially those that are needed right away. In 5, we wrote the following clone() function to implement prototypal inheritance: var clone = function (donor) { var Proxy = function () {}; Proxy.prototype = donor; return new Proxy(); }; If you omit its optional second parameter, Object.create() does the same thing as clone() but much faster. Insofar as descriptors are too unwieldy to add members that are writable, enumerable, and configurable, which is to say like those added with the = operator, more often than not you ll be omitting the second parameter. With this in mind, let s rework clone() into a lazy loader that opts for Object.create() in Explorer 9, Firefox 4, and other ECMAScript 5-savvy browsers. Begin by putting our definition of clone in the else clause of an if condition that determines whether Object.create is defined. However, omit the var keyword because we want to overwrite the containing clone() function, not create a nested clone() function. var clone = function (donor) { if (Object.create !== undefined) { } else { clone = function (donor) { var Proxy = function () {}; Proxy.prototype = donor; return new Proxy(); }; } }; Now, within the if clause, simply return the empty object created by passing donor to Object.create(): var clone = function (donor) { if (Object.create !== undefined) { clone = function (donor) { return Object.create(donor); }; } else { clone = function (donor) { var Proxy = function () {}; Proxy.prototype = donor;
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