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Figure 9-5. The display dialog command fails since the operation evaluates as a list, not a string. The script in Figure 9-5 will result in an error since AppleScript evaluates the operation as a list, not a string, and because the display dialog command requires a string (see Figure 9-6).
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Why separate permissions Well, a Windows administrator with very little DBA experience could accidentally delete critical data or entire databases without realizing it. Or a DBA, after accessing sensitive data, could cover his or her tracks by deleting audit files from the operating system. There are obviously many more examples, all of which require separation of powers to protect against both deliberate and accidental destructive actions. As you saw in chapter 4, SQL Server 2008 helps out in this regard by not including the BUILTIN\ Administrators group in the sysadmin server role. Continuing the theme of least privilege, the SQL Server service accounts shouldn t be members of the local administrators group.
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Alternatively, you can use the using statement to reference the namespace. Thereafter, you can omit the namespace name when referring to the type:
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As discussed earlier, cloud services offer a new capability to access large amounts of computing capacity in an on-demand fashion. It s therefore not surprising that one of the first tangible scenarios of successful use of public cloud services comes in this form. Eli Lilly is a global pharmaceutical company that requires vast amounts of computing resources as part of its drug development R&D process. In late 2007, the IT organization within Eli Lilly was frustrated at its inability to provision computing capacity for its scientists. According to David Powers, a long-time associate information consultant at Eli Lilly, it took more than 50 days to get a new machine up and running within existing corporate processes.
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This code is fairly straightforward. One new feature is the ability to provide a formatting code to the DateTime.ToString method.
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This chapter covers
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drive into an XElement, you can use the following C# code:
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Figure 2 14. Drag a button onto your View window.
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To get the domain information for a list of machines stored in a text file:
One of the great new features in Copy and Paste is the ability to undo either typing or the Paste you just completed. All you have to do is shake the iPhone after the paste. A new pop-up appears giving you the option to undo what you have just done. Tap Undo Typing or Undo Paste to correct the mistake.
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This feature is conceptually similar to Option Explicit in Visual Basic or strict mode in PERL, and is named after the PERL feature, though it s not as rigorous as either the VB or PERL features. Still, it can make it easier to write a robust script.
First, let s look at Web Parts on the ASP.NET side. The Web Part infrastructure and SharePoint are built on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Web Parts are essentially ASP.NET controls that have been extended with functionality for example, with features that allow the users to customize the controls. But, when you re working with Web Parts, you re working with ASP.NET, so you can use all features of the ASP.NET and .NET Frameworks. Because ASP.NET is the foundation of Web Parts, we ll review the basics of how controls are created and used in ASP.NET. During the ASP.NET page life cycle, all controls and Web Parts go through a number of steps, and each step invokes a method or event on each control and subcontrol. The order of these events is one of the key features that all ASP.NET and SharePoint developers need to be aware of. Failing to understand the concept of events and their order can make developing Web Parts difficult and often results in poor design decisions. Each event has its specific purpose and should be used accordingly. ASP.NET contains features such as validators for validating input (which is a great way to improve the usability of your Web Part). Using validators in Web Parts requires you to do some extra configuring that isn t often needed in ASP.NET projects. Another feature of ASP.NET that s of interest is the view state, which maintains the state of a control between postbacks. Normally, you don t need to worry about view state because ASP.NET does the work for you, but some scenarios require you to handle view state manually. Because Web Parts can be used and added to pages by users, you can t as a developer predict exactly how your Web Parts are going to be used. To prevent your Web Part from interfering with other Web Parts or multiple instances of itself, you have to take certain precautions when building them.
The function fgets(), which we made use of in 9, reads a series of characters into an array of chars. Here s the function prototype:
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