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on my part. JavaScript never wastes time and memory doing that. Moreover, if you compare an array to a function, === does not return false (or !== true) because of those being different subtypes. Rather, the boolean verdict simply derives from the array and function being in different locations in memory. Remember, JavaScript stores string, number, boolean, undefined, and null values in a different way to object, array, and function values (as we inferred earlier in the chapter). Now don t be rolling your eyes at me. It s vital to get this point. So, let s compare some of the identical arrays in the following dough object representing the recipe for another of my favorite scones, hazelnut cherry, with === and !== like so in Firebug. As Figure 3 11 displays, === returns false and !== returns true for separate but identical arrays. var dough = { pastryFlour: [1 + 2/3, "cup"], hazelnutFlour: [1/3, "cup"], butter: [3, "tbs"], sugar: [2, "tbs"], seaSalt: [1/4, "tsp"], soda: [1/2, "tsp"], tartar: [1, "tsp"], heavyWhippingCream: [1, "cup"], currants: [1/3, "cup"] }; dough.pastryFlour === [1 + 2/3, "cup"]; // false dough.currants !== [1/3, "cup"]; // true
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Listing 4.1 Referencing a managed item from script on the HTML page
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photograph at a specified index to the previous position.
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Check whether the user has permissions to create reports in the report catalog
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To demonstrate, here s how you could use grep to find all lines in a linefeed-delimited string containing the specified pattern (also correctly quoted): do shell script "echo " & quoted form of input_text & " | grep " & quoted form of pattern_to_match For example, to find all the strings in a list that contain at least one digit (0 9), do this: set set set set the_list to {"hello", "bob42", "three", "0.197"} AppleScript's text item delimiters to (ASCII character 10) input_text to the_list as string pattern_to_match to "[[:digit:]]"
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At publishing time, the iPad enables you to type in over a dozen different languages, including languages from Dutch to Spanish. Some of the Asian languages, such as Japanese and Chinese, offer two or three keyboards for different typing methods. To enable various language keyboards, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Touch the Settings icon (refer to Figure 2 10). Tap General in the left column. Tap Keyboard near the bottom of the right column. Tap International Keyboards. Tap Add New Keyboard to add additional international keyboards. Tap any keyboard/language listed to add that keyboard. Now you will see the Keyboard listed on the available keyboards. To adjust keyboard options, tap the listed Keyboard. Tap Edit in the top right corner to change the keyboard order or delete a keyboard. To change the order, drag the left edge of the listed keyboard up or down. To delete a keyboard, tap the red minus sign, then tap Delete. generate barcode full ascii code 39
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Without the inverse attribute, NHibernate would try to execute two different SQL statements, both updating the same foreign-key column, when you manipulate the association between the two instances. By specifying inverse="true", you explicitly tell NHibernate which end of the association it should synchronize with the database. In this example, you tell NHibernate that it should propagate changes made at the Bid end of the association to the database, ignoring changes made only to the bids collection. If you only call item.Bids.Add(bid), no changes are made persistent. This is consistent with the behavior in .NET without NHibernate: if an association is bidirectional, you have to create the link on two sides, not just one. You now have a working bidirectional many-to-one association (which could also be called a bidirectional one-to-many association, of course).
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