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4. In the IP Address and Domain Name Restrictions dialog box, do the following: Select the IP address for the computer where Site Stager is installed (if the address is listed) Or Select Add (if the address is not listed) and complete the dialog box. Select the Type of IP Address (Single Computer, Group of Computers, Domain Name). Enter the IP address. Identify the computer name associated with the IP address for the DNS lookup. 5. Save changes and close the Staging Properties dialog box.
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Sometimes the changes to an application involve more than just adding or redefining member variables. Refactoring an application might involve renaming or retiring classes altogether. This is a problem when attempting to decode an archive written by an earlier incarnation of the application, because the class recorded in the archive no longer exists. This problem can often be solved using class substitution during encoding or decoding.
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We ve now looked at the processing for every part of the gesture, and by now, you should be ready to implement your own. We ll just close this section by noting that we also clear the gesture lock if a touch is cancelled by the operating system and, as promised earlier, by having a quick look at how we calculate the values used to track the fingers. The calculateAngle method is the most complex of the set, so we ll pick it apart first:
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[Conditional("DEBUG")] MyConstructor(IExtensionManager mgr) {...}
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DBCC SQLPERF('sys.dm_os_wait_stats', CLEAR);
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As for lock-in, Windows Azure isn t looking as bad as Google App Engine. Although it will still be hosted exclusively by Microsoft, it may be possible for other companies to come up with (almost) compatible cloud service because core pieces of Windows Azure are based on the well-known SQL Server, IIS, and .NET framework stacks.
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Defines static counter variable
C# Language Nullable Types
Everything we ve been doing with the BDC up to this point is (kind of) already an OBA. Presenting line-of-business data in a dashboard inside SharePoint is an OBA. Using the business data inside the Document Information panel or creating a workflow on BDC metadata is also an OBA. But what we hope to demonstrate here are some real-world uses of line-of-business data within the Office client. Before we start developing, we ll explore some opportunities to use line-of-business data in Outlook, InfoPath, Word, and Excel. InfoPath is also discussed in chapter 11, under the heading of writing back to the line-of-business system.
Setting Up the clicked Event Handler
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