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select new ItemBidSummary( bid.Item.id, count(bid), avg(bid.Amount) ) from Bid bid where bid.item.SuccessfulBid is null group by bid.Item.id
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When processing the array, the scalar comparison rules are used to compare each element. In the next example, the left operand is an array containing a mix of numbers and strings, and the right operand is the string 2 .
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sp_configure 'remote admin connections', 1; GO RECONFIGURE; GO
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Passcode Options: Change Time-Out, Disable Picture Adjusting Passcode Options
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CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search
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XML processing instructions
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Framework as a Service (FaaS) Environment for building a module for an ERP system
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Listing 2
MapReduce achieves reliability by parceling out operations on the data set to each node in a network. Each node reports back periodically with results and status updates. Obviously, a failed node remains silent. That node s master notes the dead worker node and sends its work out again. You can see the roles of master and worker illustrated in figure 6.6. The master does the following:
Many endpoints on the Web, and even more on internal networks, are protected by some sort of authentication scheme. In order to access those endpoints, you must be able to provide authentication information along with the request.
CHAPTER 3: Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
Interestingly, there is an important difference between the for and while loops you just saw. Take a minute to look back and try to predict the value of i the first time through each loop and after each loop terminates. Were the results the same for the while and for loops Hmm . . . you might want to take another look. Here s a sample program that should clarify the difference between these two loops. Look in the folder Learn C Projects, inside the subfolder named 06.02 - loopTester, and open the project loopTester.xcodeproj. loopTester implements a while loop and two slightly different for loops. Run the project. Your output should look like that shown in Figure 6-1.
Most wiki servers support versioning of wiki pages, which is equivalent to storing every old version of each page. This allows you to examine the history of every page in the wiki and see who changed what and when each change was made. Most wikis also support a visual diff facility that allows you to compare two page revisions with colors to indicate which areas of text were added, modified, or removed. Wiki pages are usually edited and stored using a special markup language, known as wiki syntax, which is designed to be easier to write than HTML and to look as much like plain text as possible. Let s look at an example. Below is some text written in the wiki syntax of the JSPWiki wiki server.
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