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We ll soon demonstrate how to put these techniques into practice. Before this, let s suggest additional usages for LINQ s extensibility features.
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Symbols -- decrement operator 294 subtraction operator 295 unary minus operator 294 ! negation operator 296 != inequality operator 295 #define directive 317 #elif directive 317 #else directive 317 #endif directive 317 #endregion directive 318 #error directive 317 #if directive 317 #line directive 317 #region directive 318 #undef directive 317 #warning directive 317 % remainder operator 295 & address of operator 297 & bitwise operator 297 && logical operator 296 () cast operator 297 * multiplication operator 295 * pointer indirection operator 297 + addition operator 294 + unary plus operator 294 ++ increment operator 294 . dot operator 297 < less than operator 295 <= less than or equal to operator 295 == equality operator 295 > greater than operator 295 -> pointer member access operator 297 >= greater than or equal to operator 295 conditional operator 296 [] indexing operator 297 [] pointer index operator 297 ^ exclusive or (XOR) operator 296 | bitwise operator 296 || logical operator 296 ~ bitwise complement operator 296 division operator 295 A abstract keyword 309 AcceptChanges method 85 87 access modifiers 312 accessing the Win32 API 233 AcquireRequestState event 267 activation modes 121 Activator.CreateInstance 43, 148 Activator.GetObject 121, 123, 142, 148 Active Server Pages. See ASP ActiveX Data Objects. See ADO AddRange method 226 ADO 10, 78 ADO.NET 2, 10 11, 56, 77 connection string 82 databases 78 116 DataSet 80
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This chapter covers
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One of the most useful functions of the Maps program is that you can easily find directions to or from any location. Let s say we want to use our current location and get directions from Gloria s store to Fenway Park in Boston.
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Figure 3.25 The Build Settings category in the Edit pane enables you to set extra compiler flags that Project Builder adds to the build command.
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The Information button looks identical and sits in the same place as it does in Pages. In order to use the Information button, you need to have text, a chart, graph, or object highlighted. Simply touch anywhere to activate the Information button. Touch a chart and the chart options are displayed. Touch a table and the table options are displayed.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer// DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"
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