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Dim i As ParameterExpression = _ Expression.Parameter(GetType(Integer), "i") Dim isOdd As Expression(Of Func(Of Integer, Boolean)) = _ Expression.Lambda(Of Func(Of Integer, Boolean))( _ Expression.Equal( _ Expression.And( _ i, _ Expression.Constant(1, GetType(Integer))), _ Expression.Constant(1, GetType(Integer))), _ New ParameterExpression() {i})
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ILDASM is a tool for disassembling a .NET program to IL. This allows analysis
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Because they are immutable, instances of anonymous types have stable hash codes. If an object can t be altered, then its hash code will never change either (unless the hash code of one of its fields isn t stable). This is useful for hash tables and data-binding scenarios, for example. You may wonder why anonymous types in C# are designed to be immutable. What may appear to be a limitation is in fact a feature. It enables value-based programming, which is used in functional languages to avoid side effects. Objects that never change allow concurrent access to work much better. This will be useful to enable PLINQ (Parallel LINQ), a project Microsoft has started to introduce concurrency in LINQ queries. You ll learn more about PLINQ in chapter 13. Immutable anonymous types take .NET one step closer to a more functional programming world where we can use snapshots of state and side-effect-free code. Keyed anonymous types We wrote that anonymous types are immutable in C#. The behavior is different in VB.NET. By default, instances of anonymous types are mutable in VB.NET. But we can specify a Key modifier on the properties of an anonymous type, as shown in listing 2.21.
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Other considerations
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Retrieve all instances of a class from the namespace Optionally restrict the set of properties retrieved Select objects from a namespace using an SQL-like query language
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Design patterns and testability
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"Keemun", "Boisahabi", "Manohari", "Borpatra", "Lukwah", "Khongea" ]; var mood = "glum"; if (looseLeafTea[0] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[1] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[2] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[3] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[4] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[5] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[6] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[7] === mood = "cheery"; } if (looseLeafTea[8] === mood = "cheery"; } "I feel " + mood + "!"; // "I feel cheery!" "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") { "Borpatra") {
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If you compare these settings to the previous table, you will see that we have not set the AcceptButton and CancelButton properties yet. This is because the required buttons are not yet on our form. We will look at some of the code generated in the CaptionDlg.cs file in a moment. Before we do, let s continue our changes to add the required controls to our form.
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DISPLAY PHOTOGRAPH IN A PICTUREBOX CONTROL (continued) Action 2 In the MainForm.cs code window, add a new DisplayPhoto method. Note: We will use the Tag property for the PictureBox control to hold the photo to display, if any.
HTTP Entity Tags (ETags) Many web servers use the HTTP ETag header to indicate that a resource has been updated. An ETag is a string that uniquely
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) { . . . // Bind data for the Photo tab txtFileName.DataBindings. Add("Text", _album, "FileName"); txtCaption.DataBindings. Add("Text", _album, "Caption"); txtPhotographer.DataBindings. Add("Text", _album, "Photographer"); dtpDateTaken.DataBindings. Add("Value", _album, "DateTaken"); txtNotes.DataBindings. Add("Text", _album, "Notes"); pboxPhoto.DataBindings. Add("Image", _album, "Image"); }
VB Operator
WCF RIA Services
Note Instance variable and method names traditionally use camel case they begin with a lowercase letter
3.1.1 Macintosh Programmer s Workbench
12.7.1 Hierarchical binding Data is only useful to the extent to which it can be found. One of the primary ways we find and classify information is through the use of hierarchies. The Windows registry and filesystem are both examples of using hierarchies to classify, store, and find information. XML (and, therefore, XAML) are both storage systems for such forms of information as well. WPF provides for binding to information stored in this way through the use of HierarchicalDataTemplates.
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