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If the SQL statements use join operations that are too complex and slow, set outer-join to false for <many-to-one> associations (this is enabled by default). Also try to tune with the global hibernate.max_fetch_depth configuration option, but keep in mind that this is best left at a value between 1 and 4. If too many SQL statements are executed, use lazy="true" for all collection mappings; by default, NHibernate will execute an immediate additional fetch for the collection elements (which, if they re entities, can cascade further into the graph). In rare cases, if you re sure, enable outer-join="true" and disable lazy loading for particular collections. Keep in mind that only one collection property per persistent class may be fetched eagerly. Use batch fetching with values between 3 and 15 to further optimize collection fetching if the given unit of work involves several of the same collections or if you re accessing a tree of parent and child objects.
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The first line we added (between the curly braces) tells the compiler about our new instance variable, while the second line we added (starting with @property) tells the compiler that our class will contain getter and setter methods (called villain and setVillain: respectively) for the villain property, as well as hinting at the semantics of the setter (in particular, retain means that the value passed into setVillain: will be retained). Now let s add the getter and setter in the simplest way possible, by using the @synthesize keyword to let the compiler automatically generate them for us. This is done in the class s implementation, so switch to VillainTrackerAppDelegate.m and add the line seen in bold here:
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The DataGridColumnStyle class represents a specific column that should appear when a specific style table is displayed in a DataGrid control. This object is typically contained within a DataGridTableStyle object, and indicates the position and style for the corresponding column when a table of the specified type is displayed. This class is part of the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and inherits from the System.ComponentModel.Component class. A DataGridColumnStyle object cannot be instantiated, as this is an abstract class. The DataGridBoolColumn and DataGridTextBoxColumn classes derived from this class are used to represent a column of boolean or textual values, respectively. Custom column styles derived from this class may also be created. Alignment DataGridTableStyle HeaderText MappingName Gets or sets the alignment of data within the column. Gets the table style containing this column style. Gets or sets the header text for this column when the associated table style is used. Gets or sets the name used to associate this column style with a specific data value in an associated data source. For an IList data source, a valid property name in the list should be specified. For a DataSet data source, a valid column name in the associated table should be provided. Gets or sets the text that is displayed when the column contains a null reference. Gets or sets the PropertyDescriptor object containing attributes of the data displayed by this column style. Gets or sets whether to treat the column as read-only. Gets or sets the width in pixels for this column. Resets the HeaderText property to its default value, which is a null reference. Occurs when the Alignment property for the column style changes. Occurs when the column s font changes. A number of other changed events exist with a similar purpose.
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1. Launch Site Manager and log on as template designer. 2. Select the Gallery icon to display the gallery hierarchy. 3. Right-click the template gallery and select Rename. 4. Enter the name and press Enter to save changes. 5. Right-click the template gallery, and select Properties. 6. Edit the Description (maximum of 255 characters). 7. Exit the Site Manager.
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public void Listen() { _receiver.MessageReceived += new EventHandler<MessageReceivedEventArgs> (_receiver_MessageReceived); _receiver.Listen(); } void _receiver_MessageReceived(object sender, MessageReceivedEventArgs e) { MessageText.Text = e.Message; }
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DataGridColumnStyle validCol = new DataGridBoolColumn(); validCol.MappingName = "IsImageValid"; validCol.HeaderText = "Valid "; validCol.ReadOnly = true; validCol.Width = 30;
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Listing 11.8 Library class that s a fake Data Access Layer
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The UDDI web interface
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Scheduling Scripts
CHAPTER 16: Maps
01 0735621632,CLR via C#,Jeffrey Richter,Microsoft Press,02-22-2006,59.99 02 0321127420,Patterns Of Enterprise Application Architecture,Martin Fowler,Addison-Wesley,11-05-2002,54.99 03 0321200683,Enterprise Integration Patterns,Gregor Hohpe,Addison-Wesley, 10-10-2003,54.99 04 0321125215,Domain-Driven Design,Eric Evans,Addison-Wesley,08-22-2003, 54.99 05 1932394613,Ajax In Action,Dave Crane;Eric Pascarello;Darren James, Manning Publications,10-01-2005,44.95
When you re planning on debugging a program, you need to make sure you re using a Debug build configuration. You can check this in the Active Build Configuration pop-up menu in the Xcode toolbar. The Debug configuration tells the compiler to emit extra debugging symbols, which the debugger uses to figure out what s where in your program. Also, make sure you run with the debugger. There are a couple of ways to run your programs from within Xcode. Selecting Run Run, or pressing R, will run your program without using the debugger. To use the debugger, choose either Run Go (Debug), or Run Debug, or use the shortcut Y.
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