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CHAPTER 9: Designing Your Own Data Structures
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SELECT, o.description FROM sys.dm_xe_objects o JOIN sys.dm_xe_packages p ON p.guid = o.package_guid
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Expressions in the control flow
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14.1 Keeping the shell secure
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The default alerts that you see in the Alert Views section in the Operator Console are not always relevant to the infrastructure that MOM is monitoring. In some environments, these spurious and unnecessary alerts may need to be filtered out. The process of filtering these alerts is referred to as alert tuning,
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Tap any account to view folders. Scroll down to see all the folders.
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7.4 Summary
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you re seeing this screen, leave the default setting of Update Model Statistics Before Generating checked. The next step in the wizard prompts you for a model name. Let s call this model AWC. Click on Run to start the Report Model wizard engine. It begins by checking the column uniqueness and width, and then starts processing the rules on the tables and columns in our data source view. As figure 7.17 shows, the wizard makes two passes in building the model. The first pass creates your entities, attributes, and roles. The second pass takes information collected in the first pass and applies it to the newly created items. This second step applies formatting, modifies properties of your entities and attributes, chooses and creates drop-down lists for attributes, and identifies large groups of data. Figure 7.18 shows what the model looks like in the BIDS environment. Now that you ve built your first model, let s dive in and see what you have. Entities The Report Model Wizard automatically creates a set of entities for you based on the data source view that you selected. Entities are logical collections of model items and are most easily matched to the tables in your database. It is important to understand that entities can be derived from one table or many tables in the database. An entity is an object that contains attributes or roles that further describe the entity. An example would be a Customer entity, which may contain attributes such as CustomerName or BUILDING THE REPORT MODEL USING BIDS 235
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In order to accomplish our goal, we ll need to leverage a lot of what we ve learned throughout the last several chapters. We re going to query the Amazon web service using LINQ to XML, query our relational database using LINQ to SQL, build objects from XML, and finally create new records in our database with information within the XML. As we saw in the previous section, LINQ provides a Join operator that allows XML and relational data to be included in a single LINQ query. In this section, we re going to go a step further and join XML, relational data, and in-memory objects. When we re through, we ll have a simple Windows Forms application that allows users to search for books and import them into their LinqBooks database. After creating our basic UI, which we ll skip here since we have a lot of ground to cover, we need to start creating our LINQ queries for retrieving information from Amazon, as well as our database. We ll once again use the REST service to retrieve books that match the keywords entered into the UI. We need to formulate a URL with all the details of our query before making our request. The URL that we use to retrieve the books matching our keywords is shown in listing 11.14.
Extending LINQ
A Virtual Joypad
using System; using System.Threading; namespace WaitNotify
In the @interface section, we used the name fillColor in the method declaration because it tells the reader exactly what the argument is for. In the implementation, we have to distinguish between the parameter name and the instance variable name, and it s easiest to simply rename the parameter. The body of the method is one line:
Improving the business tier
PS (10) > $el= $d.CreateElement("d")
Next 'make viewport active to see effects of changes ThisDrawing.ActiveViewport = objViewPort End Sub First, use the Viewports collection s Add method to create a new viewport. This method has the following syntax: Set ViewportObject = ViewportsCollection.Add(ViewportName) This method has one parameter, ViewportName, a String that contains the new Viewport object s name. Here s how the example code implements this method: 'Create a new viewport Set objViewPort = ThisDrawing.Viewports.Add(strViewPortName) Next, the code uses the Split method to create the windows in the viewport. ViewportObject.Split NumberOfWindows The NumberOfWindows parameter must be one of the AutoCAD AcViewportSplitType constants in Table 14-2. Table 14-2. AcViewportSplitType Constants
The process of locating Web services and retrieving their WSDL contracts is known as Web service discovery. Discovery can be facilitated by storing a so-called DISCO file
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