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First, you instantiate a new transient object user as usual. You can also instantiate it after opening an ISession; they aren t related yet. You open a new ISession using
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When you first use your iPhone, FaceTime is not yet enabled. To enable the iPhone to receive and make FaceTime calls, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. Go to your Settings icon and touch it. Scroll down to the Phone option tab. Toggle the FaceTime switch to the ON position.
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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is a secure and seamless bridge between a company s existing IT infrastructure and the AWS cloud. Although it isn t a private cloud as we defined it, this approach offers corporations a hybrid model merging aspects of their data center with Amazon s cloud. Amazon VPC enables an enterprise to connect its existing infrastructure to a set of isolated AWS compute resources via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection and to extend existing management capabilities, such as security services, firewalls, and intrusion-detection systems, to include AWS resources. You ll learn much more about cloud security, private clouds, and VPC in chapter 4. Until now, we ve explored the technological underpinnings of clouds to understand how they work, and we ve applied that knowledge to a few of the most prominent clouds in a variety of categories to understand how they compare and contrast. You re now informed enough to ask this question: What type of cloud do I need
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To do the inverse of shift(), which is to say add an element to the beginning of an array, call an array s unshift() method. The Pirates hired a new manager, Clint Hurdle, for 2011. So I m hopeful they ll win say 15 more games than in 2010. Let s add that prediction of 72 wins and 90 losses to pirates by invoking its unshift() method. Then pass pirates to console.dir() and JavaScript will print the modified array in Firebug as Figure 6 28 displays. var pirates = [[2010, 57, 105], [2009, 62, 99], [2008, 67, 95], [2007, 68, 94], [2006, 67, 95], [2005, 67, 95], [2004, 72, 89], [2003, 75, 87], [2002, 72, 89], [2001, 62, 100], [2000, 69, 93], [1999, 78, 83], [1998, 69, 93], [1997, 79, 83], [1996, 73, 89],
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In some situations, it may be desirable to define more than one hash code for a specific object. You could use this, for example, to allow an employee to be searched for based on the employee ID or on the employee name. You can do this by implementing the IHashCodeProvider interface to provide an alternate hash function, and it also requires a matching implementation of IComparer. These new implementations are passed to the constructor of the Hashtable, like so:
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Figure 19.2 The WorldListView user control. We ll add the list on the left programmatically.
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Figure 7-2. Here s a catalog entry for our rather famous book. Note the catalog number, just above the book s title. This book can be found on the library shelf between section 530 and 531.
Welcome! You must be here because you want to write programs for your Mac. Well, you ve definitely come to the right place. (Here for Pilates Third door down, on the right.) By the time you finish this book, you ll know everything you need to know to create fast, efficient, good-looking Mac OS X applications. The key to creating a modern Mac application is Cocoa. According to Apple, Cocoa is a set of object-oriented frameworks that provide a runtime environment for Mac OS X applications. As you make your way through this book, you ll learn all about the Cocoa frameworks and runtime environment. For the moment, think of Cocoa as a programmer s assistant that takes care of much of the housekeeping that goes along with Mac development. Almost every common task performed by a Mac application, from drawing a window to blinking the cursor in a text field, is handled for you when you write programs using Cocoa, freeing you up to concentrate on the code that makes your application unique. Cocoa provides a class for just about every one of your development needs. There are Cocoa classes for each piece of the Mac OS X user interface, from windows to menus, scrollbars to buttons, images to icons. If you can think of a user interface element you d like to add to your own application, chances are very good that element is already implemented as a Cocoa class. Another benefit of using Cocoa is that it is tightly integrated with Mac OS X. Build your application using Cocoa, and your application will play well with others and will interface seamlessly with Mac OS X elements like the Finder and the Dock.
Listing 11 10. Determine if a Tile Is Blocked -(bool) isTilePosBlocked:(CGPoint)tilePos tileMap:(CCTMXTiledMap*)tileMap { CCTMXLayer* layer = [tileMap layerNamed:@"Collisions"]; NSAssert(layer != nil, @"Collisions layer not found!"); bool isBlocked = NO; unsigned int tileGID = [layer tileGIDAt:tilePos]; if (tileGID > 0) { NSDictionary* tileProperties = [tileMap propertiesForGID:tileGID]; id blocks_movement = [tileProperties objectForKey:@"blocks_movement"]; isBlocked = (blocks_movement != nil); } return isBlocked; }
Thread Viewer displays thread activity with a horizontal bar, one per thread, with a tick mark spaced at every time step. You can update the rate at which the application samples thread activity by changing the sampling interval from the Preference menu. To the left of the thread bars are the thread addresses, which uniquely identify each thread. The number to the right of the thread shows the cumulative CPU time consumed by the thread; a high value in relation to the other threads indicates that a thread is consuming excessive CPU time. In general, you would like these values to be as balanced as possible. Now, continue as follows:
Switch options control how matching is done. These are: -regex -wildcard -match -case.
public PhotoAlbum : System.Collections.CollectionBase { . . .
Occasionally, when you connect your iPad to your PC or Mac, your iPad may not be recognized in the iTunes screen. In the first screen, this is what you should see your iPad will be listed under DEVICES (Figure 25 8). In the second screen-shot, you will notice that there is no device shown, even though your iPad is connected to the computer.
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