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The Business Data List Web Part is much like a data grid. It displays all of the data you ve defined to be available within the BDC in a column and row format. Using the Edit View Properties page, you can add or remove columns. The web part can
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Control elements Let s look at the code for those classes, starting with the module interface. PubControlModule.java The only things you need to define in a module interface are the URI of the module s XML namespace and properties to represent the data from the module s XML elements. Publish Control defines only one property, draft, so the seven lines of code below are all we need for PubControlModule.java:
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Let s get to it. Go to the developer site, register as an iPhone Developer if you haven t already done so (http://developer.apple.com/iphone/program/start/register/), and then go to the downloads page to get the iPhone SDK (http://developer.apple.com/technology/xcode.html). By the time you read this, Apple may have released a combined Xcode installation for both Mac OS X and iPhone, in which case you will need to download and install this. It will overwrite your Mac OS X Xcode installation but should not affect your preferences. Once you ve downloaded the kit, you install the iPhone Xcode tools in the usual way. The main difference that you will see once the iPhone SDK is in place is that you will have some new options in the Xcode New Project window (see Figure 4 1). As well as the Mac OS X options, you now have an entry in the list for the iPhone OS.
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System.IO System.Messaging System.Net System.Net.Sockets System.Reflection System.Reflection.Emit System.Resources System.Runtime.InteropServices System.Runtime.Remoting System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Http System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Tcp System.Runtime.Remoting.Lifetime System.Security System.Security.Permissions System.Security.Policy
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Figure 3 10. E-mail accounts sync setup
of the Web.Config file. You can generate password hashes by using either the SHA1 or MD5 algorithm. Initialize Initializes the FormsAuthentication class with values that are stored in the Web.Config file. RedirectFromLoginPage Redirects the user to a common page that is stored in the loginUrl attribute of the forms element. RenewTicketIfOld Refreshes the authentication cookie. This method renews your authentication ticket and gives the new ticket the same sliding expiration as the original ticket that was issued. SetAuthCookie Creates an authentication cookie and attaches it to the cookie collection to be sent in the outgoing response. SignOut Deletes the authentication ticket associated with this user s session. This is usually associated with a Log Off or Sign Out button on your forms.
The Text Object
Expression trees are constructed at runtime when code like this executes, but once constructed they cannot be modified.
Finally, let s look at how addition works with hashtables. Similar to arrays, addition of hashtables creates a new hashtable and copies the elements of the original tables into the new one. The left elements are copied first, then the elements from the right operand are copied. (This only works if both operands are hashtables.) If there are any collisions, that is, if the keys of any of the elements in the right operand match the keys of any element in the left operand, then an error will occur saying that the key already exists in the hashtable. (This was an implementation decision, by the way; we could have had the new element overwrite the old one, but the consensus was that generating an error message is usually the better thing to do.)
There are still things left to code on the server, such as receiving invitation accepts and moves, but let s change the scene a bit to see how to deal with the invitation on the iPhone. As I said earlier, the invitation URL uses a custom scheme. In this case, you re using chess://, but because this solution is very application specific, using the game key, for instance, you really should pick a more application-specific URL scheme instead of the very generic chess:// URL. But again, I m just illustrating the mechanics rather than providing a shrink-wrapped product here. On the device, you want the application to launch when the user taps the chess:// link in the e-mail. To make that happen, you need to define the scheme, which you just did, and implement a URL handler in your application. The latter consists of two parts: letting the iPhone OS know about your capabilities and implementing the code in your application.
Listing 2.2 Creating and saving an Employee
8.4 Generating newsfeeds with Java
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