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=Iif(ReportItems!txtSalesTotal.Value < 2500000, "Normal", "Bold")
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Creates a new immutable array that s a shallow copy of the receiver s array plus one additional object. Creates a new immutable array by concatenating the receiver s collection with the objects in the parameter. Creates a new immutable array that contains a shallow copy of a subset of the receiver s array. Returns an immutable array containing the objects in the receiver s array that match the predicate expression. Any of four different methods that create a new immutable array with the sorted contents of the receiver s array. Creates an immutable, shallow copy of another dictionary. Same as [NSDictionary dictionaryWithDictionary:] if copyItems is NO. If copyItems is YES, the new dictionary is a deep copy of the original dictionary, made by sending every value object a -copyWithZone: message. Key objects are always copied. Creates an immutable dictionary containing a single key/value pair. Creates an immutable dictionary from two arrays, one containing the keys and the other the values. Creates an immutable dictionary from two C arrays, one containing keys and the other values. Creates an immutable dictionary from an arbitrary number of value/key pairs in a variable argument list. The list is terminated by a single nil value. Creates an immutable, shallow copy of another set. Same as +[NSSet setWithSet:] if copyItems is NO. If copyItems is YES, the new set is a deep copy made by sending each object in the set a copyWithZone: message. Creates an immutable set from an array.
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If you have experience using the Dundas Software chart control, you ll find yourself in familiar waters, since RS uses this control for charting.
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ReadStruct() uses malloc() to allocate a block of memory the size of a DVDInfo struct.
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Listing 5.10 shows what the test could look like if we used Rhino Mocks.
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
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CHAPTER 4: You Go Squish Now! Debugging on the iPhone
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RadialGradientBrush class 528 529 RadioButton class 242 244 grouping 243 Radius property 532 RadiusX property 518, 528 RadiusY property 518, 528 RangeAttribute class 327 RangeBase class 711 raster 515, 530, 549 rasterization 149 154, 549 raw audio setting up source 604 sound samples 605 raw media 596 607 getting raw video data 614 616 raw audio 602 607 raw video 598 602 raw video getting the data 614 616 setting up stream 599
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In many cases, the default mapping between tables and objects is fine for simple CRUD operations. But sometimes a direct relationship is not sufficient. In this section, we ll explore some of the additional options LINQ to SQL provides to customize your data access. In each case, the programming model dramatically reduces the amount of custom plumbing code. We ll start by looking at issuing statements directly to the database. We ll continue by looking at how we can call upon the programmatic options of SQL Server, including stored procedures and user-defined functions.
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We took a real-life business and analyzed it, and interviewed an (imaginary) expert in the business and summarized his responses. We then collected all the facts and used them to design the logical model of the forthcoming software solution. After applying a bit of good old normalization magic, we transformed the logical model into a physical model that we could then implement in the form of a SQL Server database, and also in the form of two XML Schemas. The Discography database will serve as permanent storage for our discography data, and the schema-governed XML will serve as temporary storage and provide a way of transporting the data in and out of the permanent data store. We ve seen examples of the XML retrieval functionalities provided in Microsoft SQL Server s T-SQL language. Essential information was provided regarding the XML standard, the XML Schema, the XML Query (or XQuery), the XPath expression and XPath predicates, and last but not least, the XML namespaces. This essential information provides a first step into the world of XML, and shows ways of bridging the gap between the world of XML and the world of SQL, using SQL Server 2005 or later.
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'VB.NET Dim xmlDoc As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument xmlDoc.Load("C:\Developers.xml") //C# XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument(); xmlDoc.Load("C:\\Developers.xml");
It may be that this is all you need for distributing your application to your customers. Many of the biggest and best-known applications in the marketplace are distributed in exactly this way. However, it s worth taking a look at the installation packaging tool that Apple has provided as part of the Xcode Developer Tools. If you want the user experience you are offering to your customers to extend to the installation process, then you might like to try out PackageMaker. Let s take a closer look.
Unfortunately, not all is well in initialization land. A couple of subtleties crop up when we start adding convenience initializers. Let s add two more convenience initializers to Tire:
cd sqlserver:\sql dir
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