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Subject to security permissions, with RS each end user can use the Report Manager web portal to subscribe to a report of interest. For example, a sales manager can subscribe to receive the Territory Sales Crosstab report that we authored in chapter 4 on a regular basis, for example, each quarter. To create a new subscription, the user must specify the following: The report that the subscription will be attached to; a subscription is always associated with exactly one user and one report. The subscription type, for example, standard or data driven; we discuss the supported subscription types in section 12.2.2.
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Memory Management
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The result should look like the following table.
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The ICriteria API provides a similar facility:
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Most blog sites include auto-discover links like these, and if you re serving newsfeeds on your Web site or in your Web application, you ll want to do the same thing. For more information on newsfeed auto-discovery, see chapter 8, section 8.2.2. Next, we ll introduce you to the Feeds API and the other components of the Windows RSS Platform.
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FileStream data combines the transactional strength of SQL Server with the file management and streaming performance strengths of NTFS. Further, the ability to place FileStream BLOBs on separate, NTFS-compressed volumes provides opportunities to significantly lower overall storage costs. Unfortunately, there are some limitations with FileStream data, which we ll come to shortly. In the meantime, let s run through the process of enabling and using FileStream. ENABLING FILESTREAM In chapter 4, we discussed installing SQL Server 2008. One of the steps involved choosing to enable FileStream data. Once it s installed, you can enable or disable FileStream using SQL Server Configuration Manager. Just right-click the SQL Server service for a selected instance and choose Properties, and then select the FILESTREAM tab (as shown in figure 9.8). Here you can enable FileStream for T-SQL access and optionally for file I/O streaming access.
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Listing 10.1 Using the factory design pattern to load the steps of the wizard.
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hiddenInput = new HtmlInputHidden() { ID = "HiddenFeedControl", Value = this.RssFeedUrl }; this.Controls.Add(hiddenInput);
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C++/CLI doesn t support iterators, which are a C# language feature that make it easier to write enumerations. 20 covers iterators. The same functionality is available through enumerators, though it may be considerably more complex to implement in C++/CLI.
The aforementioned procedure will allow you to update the MOM agents on the machines that are fully managed by MOM (those with a control level of Full). However, in your environment, you may have some machines that have had their MOM agents manually installed. This will include machines deployed behind firewalls, ISA servers, and Windows 2003 servers with Windows Firewall enabled. For these machines, you will need to uninstall the old MOM agent and install the new MOM 2005 SP1 agent using the updated MOMAgent.msi file. You should uninstall the old agent from Add/Remove Programs, and install the new agent using the MOM 2005 Agent Setup wizard, supplying the settings appropriate to your environment.
An XML API provides developers with a programming interface for working with XML data. By utilizing an XML API, we can build applications that make use of XML. To illustrate our need for such an API, think about how we might build an
Create a Font object: a. Use 11 point Times New Roman. b. Use the GetHeight method to determine the height of each line of text. c. Use the MeasureString method to determine the size of a space.
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Once you ve followed all the preceding steps, you should find that you can surface your business data in the Business Data Web Parts using Integrated Windows Authentication even though your database is more than one hop away. If none of these options is suitable for your organization, you could consider using Kerberos. We ll discuss Kerberos in the next section.
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