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TIP: To locate the serial number, connect your iPad to your computer and load up iTunes. Click your iPad in the left nav bar and click on Summary in the top nav bar. The serial number is at the top of the Summary screen, as shown in Figure 25 7.
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19.3.3 Adding multipage support In order to support multiple pages, we need to keep track of the size of the report at every row. You could precalculate the number of rows that will fit, but then you d lose the flexibility to have dynamically sized rows that change height based upon their content. Listing 19.16 shows what I did to keep track of the page size and ensure the content will fit on the page. Note the addition of the !full check in the while loop.
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The while statement is also known as the while loop, because once the statement is executed, the while loops back to reevaluate the expression. Here s an example of the while loop in action:
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PS (3) > [string]::join(' + ', $s) one + two + three PS (4) >
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You use the Responses tab (see Figure 5-30) to configure a response that executes when a match to the rule is found. This tab offers the same options as those of the Responses tab of the Event and Performance Rules dialog, but is more commonly used in Alert rules. It is most often used to execute responses that send SMTP e-mails or paged responses. We will look at those responses now.
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PS C:\> $90daysago.toshortdatestring() 7/24/2010
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As you can see, the Finder also allows you to use a regular HFS path string when specifying a file or folder object and will expand this to a full Finder reference when it evaluates it. You can even mix the two approaches if you want: tell application "Finder" document file "hanaan:Desktop:chocolate.jpg" of folder "Users" of startup disk end tell This flexibility makes it easy to take a path string stored in a variable and convert it to a Finder reference ready to use in one or more Finder commands. For example: set the_file_path to "Macintosh HD:Users:hanaan:Desktop:chocolate.jpg" tell application "Finder" open document file the_file_path end tell You can also supply alias and other file specifier values in the same way: set the_alias to alias "Macintosh HD:Users:hanaan:Desktop:chocolate.jpg" tell application "Finder" open document file the_alias end tell In most cases, you can omit the document file part if you want. For example: set the_alias to alias "Macintosh HD:Users:hanaan:Desktop:chocolate.jpg" tell application "Finder" get name of the_alias end tell --> "chocolate.jpg" Converting Finder references to path strings and alias values is even simpler. In both cases, you use the as operator to coerce the reference to the desired type: tell application "Finder" document file "chocolate.jpg" of desktop as string end tell --> "hd:Users:has:Desktop:chocolate.jpg" tell application "Finder" document file "chocolate.jpg" of desktop as alias end tell --> alias "hd:Users:has:Desktop:chocolate.jpg"
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Pinball Game
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Boolean Operations
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Now, we re ready to wire the buttons to actions so they ll trigger our code. We ll control-drag again to make our love connections, this time from the button to the AppController.
Finally, in main, we ll set these properties for the car and print them out. We ve also used autorelease along with the alloc and init so that all memory management is kept in one place.
Before we interact with our new status bar, let s take a look at the code so far. An excerpt of the code in our MainForm.cs source file is shown below.
Waits indefinitely for a reader lock
CHAPTER 8: iBooks and E-Books
<MenuItem Header="Delete" Command="ApplicationCommands.Delete" /> </MenuItem>
All I did was add a Param() block around my variable declaration B. This defines $computername as a parameter, and specifies that localhost is the default value to be used if the script is run without a computer name being specified. You don t have to provide a default value, but I like to do so when there s a reasonable value that I can think of. All parameters declared in this fashion are both named and positional, meaning that I can now run the script from the command line in any of these ways:
Once again, I ve been careful to run my script and verify that it s still working. I always do that after making any kind of change, to make sure I haven t introduced some random typo or other error.
namespace MyNamespace { . . . }
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