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FROM DISK = N'G:\SQL Backup\Sales_log_tail.bak' WITH RECOVERY GO -- At this point the database is up and running for Filegroup 2 only -- Other filegroups can now be restored in the order required
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When defining functions in C#, consider the following guidelines: In general, the data marshalling layer does the right thing. Choose the type that s closest to the type you want. For opaque types (such as pointers) where all you really care about is the size of the variable, just use an IntPtr. To control data marshalling, use the MarshalAs attribute. This is most often used to control string marshalling. Rather than using a pointer type for a parameter, define it using ref or out. Read about data marshalling in the .NET Framework s developer specifications. If things get ugly, switch to using C++/CLI. Switching to C++/CLI can range from writing a small wrapper that s then called from C# to using C++/CLI for large portions of an application the optimum technique depends on the skills of the developers available.
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SharePoint Search SearchSummary.dwp Yes SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features, SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features, Search Server Web Parts n/a
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The && operators in listing 5.12 are overloaded to use a special And constraint, which requires all of these constraints to be true for the test to pass. You could also use the || overload to set a special Or constraint, which only requires one of the constraints to be true. The And and Or constraints both take two AbstractConstraint objects in their constructor. The previous example in listing 5.12 combines two And constraints and could have been written as in listing 5.13.
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Figure 3 13. The basic Hello World user interface
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NSLog(@"tire %d's handling is %.f %.f", i, tire.rainHandling, tire.snowHandling);
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initWithDomain:@"local." type:@"_spherenet.udp." name:[[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier] port: ntohs(addr.sin_port)]; [_advertisingService publish];
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To continue a conversation with someone, just touch on that thread and it will open up showing you all the past messages back and forth. Just touch the text box, type in your message, and touch the Send button to continue the conversation.
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Safe controls and the RequiresDesignerPermission attribute All Web Parts and controls that will be used in an ASPX page of SharePoint must be registered as a safe control. This is a security rule that s applied to each web application to avoid injections of malicious code. Safe controls are registered in the web.config of each web application using the SafeControl element. The SafeControl entries are added to the web.config during deployment of a WSP package, and they re defined in the package manifest. Each Web Part will have its own SafeControl entry, by default.
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Table 1.4
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from Bid as bid join bid.Item as item join item.Category as cat join item.SuccessfulBid as winningBid where cat.Name like 'Laptop%' and winningBid.Amount > 100
Implementing FileCaster
Touch the Name filed of the Folder to change or add to the name.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> @class Car; @interface Garage : NSObject { NSString *name; NSMutableArray *cars; } @property (readwrite, copy) NSString *name; - (void) addCar: (Car *) car; - (void) print; @end // Garage
Highlighting Entities
3.1.2 THINK Pascal and THINK C
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