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PS (4) > $b = $a | foreach { $_ } PS (5) > $b.length 3 PS (6) > $b[2] 2
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Because the XMLDocument object is a class with methods associated with it, you can build XML documents on the fly instead of requiring them to reside in a physical file. You can take advantage of XML in many ways, such as building an XML document that can be passed around in memory inside your application. Another example is passing XML into a single SQL Server 2000 stored procedure parameter instead of making an object call for each parameter in your stored procedure. Listing 7.3 is an example of dynamically building an XML document.
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As this example shows, the brush begins at the center of the Ellipse by default. This originating Point can be customized in one of two ways. The first approach involves specifying a Point value within the Center property. The Center Point represents the focal point of the outermost ellipse of the gradient. Alternatively, or in conjunction with the Center, you can use the GradientOrigin property to specify the Point that defines where the radial gradient emanates from. As a radial gradient is rendered, it grows from the GradientOrigin in a circular fashion. Sometimes it s necessary to use a more elliptical gradient instead of a pure circular effect. To define an elliptical gradient, you need to utilize the RadiusX and RadiusY properties, which are consistent with the properties of the same name from
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More About Finder References
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You should contact the phone company that supplies your iPhone before you leave home. When you call, you should check a few things: Any voice and data roaming charges you might incur when traveling. Be specific about each country to which you plan to travel. Check on any temporary international rate plans that you might be able to activate before you leave. Sometimes, these special plans will cost an additional $10 or $20 but save you hundreds in additional charges. If you use email, SMS Text, MMS or picture messaging, web browsing, and any other data services, you will also want to specifically ask about whether any of these services are charged separately when traveling abroad. Usually, text and picture messaging are additional charges. You might be able to find some information on your phone company s web site, but usually you need to call them.
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CHAPTER 12: Monitoring, Analysis, and Performance Tools
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If you prefer, you can set up a separate repository for each of your projects. The main benefit of this is clarity, especially if you are working in a team setting: you can determine exactly who has access to what projects. Revision-number changes are a lot clearer. The main disadvantage to this is that it is a lot of work: for every project you need to go through the business of creating a new repository. For an individual working on just a few projects, it may seem like overkill to have individual repositories.
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dlg.Title = "Save Album"; dlg.DefaultExt = "abm"; dlg.Filter = "abm files (*.abm)|*.abm"; dlg.InitialDirectory = PhotoAlbum.DefaultDir; dlg.RestoreDirectory = true; if (dlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { // Record the new album name _album.FileName = dlg.FileName; // Use Save handler to store the album menuSave_Click(sender, e); //Update title bar to include new name SetTitleBar(); } } }
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Xcode provides you with a couple of basic ways of organizing the project and source code editors. The way we ve shown so far is the default interface, which is mostly an all-in-one window for your minute-by-minute project and coding tasks. Some auxiliary windows are also hanging around, like the run log shown in Figure 7-1. A single editing pane is used for all source files, and the contents of the editor change based on which source file is selected in the left-hand Groups & Files pane.
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Usability and Accessibility
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have to decorate this property with Web Part specific attributes so that the Web Part infrastructure can determine which properties will be available to the user. To create the RSS Web Part, create a new project in Visual Studio using the Empty Project template and then add a Web Part item to that project. Give the Web Part the name of RssWebPart. You should select Farm Solution for this project, because later you ll use functionality not available in the sandbox. Once you ve set up your project, navigate to and open the Web Part code file. The first property you ll add is the URL to the RSS feed. This is a string property; call it RssFeedUrl and make it public. Your code should look like this when you re done:
C# and Visual Basic 6 are fairly different languages. C# is an object-oriented language, and VB 6 has only limited object-oriented features. VB .NET adds object-oriented features to the VB language, and it may therefore be instructive to also study the VB .NET documentation.
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