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Hiding data Sometimes, we might just need to hide some report elements. For example, let s say we have a report that shows the employee s salary and only users of the HR department can see it. Similar to the Dynamic Queries approach, we can determine whether the report user is a member of the HR group. Then we can use an expression for the salary item s visibility to hide it if the user is not a member, for example:
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Another issue to watch out for is including only the column in the GROUP BY clause when the column is used in an expression in the SELECT list. Say you want the results grouped by the year in which the orders were placed. If you leave the order date out of the GROUP BY clause, an error will result. If you add the column, the error goes away, but the results are not grouped as expected.
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Pressing the Space key will select the AutoCorrection pop-up word.
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The returned Geometry contains the intersection or null, if the element wasn t clipped. It should be noted that, in WPF, the GetLayoutClip method has a counterpart by the same name that actually resides on the UIElement and takes in the slot size and returns clip geometry.
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Figure 8-4. The Line object
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10. You are ready to initiate (or receive) phone calls, video calls, and chats to anyone else using Skype, including all your friends with Skype on their iPhones.
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C# provides the ability to use anonymous methods, which are a form of inline delegate in which the code that will be executed as part of the delegate is placed inline with the delegate s construction. See 23 for more details. C++/CLI doesn t support anonymous methods, but the same functionality is still possible with standard delegates.
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Once you have the two management packs that you want to compare in XML format, you should execute the MpDiff.exe file to use the GUI. (There is also a command-line version available, which we will cover later in this section.) Once the utility loads, you will be presented with the screen shown in Figure 11-1. Once you have loaded the utility, click the File menu and select Compare Management Packs. You will be prompted to enter the location of both XML files, one after the other. The results will then be displayed to reflect differences between the two management packs. An example of a set of results is shown in Figure 11-2. You can also run the MpDiff tool using the following specified command-line parameters: MpDiff.Console.exe /src:<Source MP xml file> /tgt:<Target MP xml file>
The method will display a notification message and then use jQuery to find all elements that have the CSS class feedWebPart and then the first div in that HTML element. Using the id of each of those div elements, it ll make a partial update. To add
The same query in VB.NET can be performed as a single statement because VB.NET includes the Skip and Take methods as query expressions. Listing 6.9 shows the corresponding VB syntax.
Formatting tables
Some of these scenarios are more difficult than others. Querying the Windows Event Log may not require more than implementing some query operators, which is not very difficult. In comparison, integrating LINQ with an object-relational framework is more involved and implies dealing with the IQueryable<T> interface and expression trees. This is what LINQ to SQL uses to generate SQL queries from LINQ queries. This is also what a framework like NHibernate could use to generate HQL queries from LINQ queries.
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Listing 15.1 Blog Digest configuration file BlogDigest.config.xml
-(void)simpleAllocDealloc { NSString *s = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:@"test string"]; NSLog(@"string object '%@' has reference count of %d.\n", s, [s retainCount]); [s release]; }
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