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with XAML namescope), and to provide a list of acceptable domains. Additionally, it provides the same ability to supply a receiver name. In this case, the receiver is named InAction. Remember, this name needs to be unique within the namescope. If it isn t, you ll get a ListenFailedException when executing the next step, listening for senders:
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Microsoft Hyper-V Server
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Table 14-1. Operator Precedence (Continued)
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DBCC Page is an undocumented but well-known command that shows the contents of database pages. The command takes four parameters, the last being optional. The first three are the database ID or database name, the file ID, and the page ID. The last parameter indicates the print options. Among the information that can be retrieved from the file header is the object and index that the page belongs to (if it s a data or index page). To return the results to a query window, trace flag 3604 has to be enabled. An example use of DBCC Page would be
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private void dropDownListContentControl1_Entering(object sender, Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.ContentControlEnteringEventArgs e) { CustomerService.CustomersServiceClient proxy = new CustomerService.CustomersServiceClient ("BasicHttpBinding_ICustomersService"); string[] customernames = proxy.ListCustomers();
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Figure 3.2 To create a reportspecific connection, be sure that the Make This A Shared Data Source option is not selected.
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Figure 3.11 You can use a shared data source as a reference.
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Decide when to remove or change tests Avoid test logic Test only one thing Make tests easy to run Assure code coverage
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Click on the file and press the Delete key.
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Enabling a witness role in a mirroring session introduces the concept of quorum. A mirroring session is said to have quorum when at least two of the three instances (principal, mirror, and witness) in the mirroring relationship are connected. For a mirroring database to be available, quorum must exist. When all three instances are connected, full quorum exists. If the principal instance fails, the mirror instance has quorum with the witness and coordinates with it to take on the role of principal. If the new principal then loses the connection to the witness, no quorum exists, and the database is taken offline.
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using System; using System.Collections.Generic; static class Iterator { static IEnumerable<int> OneTwoThree() { Console.WriteLine("Returning 1"); yield return 1; Console.WriteLine("Returning 2"); yield return 2; Console.WriteLine("Returning 3"); yield return 3; } static void Main() { foreach (var number in OneTwoThree()) { Console.WriteLine(number); } }
class Test { public static void Main() { // create an instance of the Person class... // this causes the Person constructor to execute... Person p = new Person("Joe", "Bloggs", 33); // call the DisplayName method... p.DisplayName(); // displays "Joe Bloggs" // display the age property... Console.WriteLine("Age is " + p.Age); // displays "Age is 33" // display the LastName property... Console.WriteLine("Last name is " + p.LastName); // set the age property... p.Age = 34; // display the updated age property... Console.WriteLine("Age is " + p.Age); // displays "Age is 34" } }
<DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="myImage" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Opacity" From=".25" By=".50" Duration="0:0:1" />
Spell It Out
Tests a condition, throwing an exception with the description if false. If condition is false, throws an exception with the description created by formatting a string with one argument. If condition is false, throws an exception with the description created by formatting a string with two arguments. If condition is false, throws an exception with the description that the given condition was not true.
change log including the recorded impact, such questions are difficult to answer, particularly in large environments with many SQL Server instances. In this chapter we drill down into some of the configurable settings and look at situations in which alternate configurations may lead to performance and administrative advantages. We begin the chapter by looking at memory configuration options, including the differences between 32- and 64-bit environments. We then look at other configuration categories: CPU, SQL Server settings, and operating system configuration.
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