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Table 7.7 RS maintain a variety of log files to capture the output from the Report Server, the Report Manager, and the RS Windows service. Log The Report Server execution log Trace logs Purpose Captures report execution statistics useful for auditing purposes Stores essential statistics for monitoring and troubleshooting RS
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-(void) endPlunge:(ccTime)delta { [self unschedule:_cmd]; joint->EnableMotor(NO); }
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How to parse newsfeeds
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Table 9-2. Continued
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Figure 7.5 The Solution Gallery in a site collection is used to manage the sandboxed solutions. Solutions can be activated, deactivated, and upgraded, and the current resource use is shown for the entire site collection and each solution.
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cmdlet output is directed to the screen, which PowerShell refers to as the Host. You can change where that output goes. In fact, I ve already showed you one way to do so:
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We started writing simple tests in the first couple of chapters, but we have dependencies in our tests that we need to find a way to override. We learned how to stub out those dependencies in this chapter, using interfaces and inheritance. A stub can be injected into your code in many different ways. The real trick is to locate the right layer of indirection, or to create one, and then use it as a seam from which you can inject your stub into running code.
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A C# class can be very simple: class VerySimple { int simpleValue = 0; } class Test { public static void Main() { VerySimple vs = new VerySimple(); } } This class is a container for a single integer. Because the integer is declared without specifying how accessible it is, it s private to the VerySimple class and can t be referenced outside the class. The private modifier could be specified to state this explicitly. The integer simpleValue is a member of the class; there can be many different types of members. In the Main() function, the system creates the instance in heap memory and returns a reference to the instance. A reference is simply a way to refer to an instance.1 There s no need to specify when an instance is no longer needed. In the preceding example, as soon as the Main() function completes, the reference to the instance will no longer exist. If the reference hasn t been stored elsewhere, the instance will then be available for reclamation by the garbage collector. The garbage collector will reclaim the memory that was allocated when necessary.2
We have shown you how you can transfer pictures from your computer to your iPhone 4 and save them from email messages. You can also download and save pictures right from the Web onto your iPhone 4. CAUTION: We strongly encourage you to respect image copyright laws as you download and save images from the Web. Unless the web site indicates an image is free, you should check with the web site owner before downloading and saving any pictures.
reportPayload = ConvertPayload (fileName); File.Delete(fileName); return reportPayload; }
CHAPTER 23: Eliminate Your Paper Notes
Save the file as C:\Users.csv, and if you re using Notepad, don t forget to surround the entire file path and name with quotation marks, so that Notepad won t add the .txt filename extension. This example won t work if the file is named C:\Users.csv.txt (and remember that Explorer will hide the .txt filename extension by default). In PowerShell, run notepad c:\users.csv. If the file doesn t exist, Notepad will offer to create it, and it won t tack on the .txt filename extension.
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