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When you touch the button, it turns into a green button that says Download. Touch Download, and an animated icon jumps into your Downloads icon at the bottom bar of soft keys. A small number displayed in red reflects the number of files downloading.
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CHAPTER 21: iPhone Photography
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Finding Out What s on the Clipboard
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5.11 Traps to avoid when using isolation frameworks
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of an architecture is not its ability to work as designed, but rather its ability to perform tasks for which it was not designed. The coding techniques we have used throughout the book are useful in any application to accommodate future requirements. These techniques include frequent encapsulation of tasks into separate methods; sketching a user interface design or enumerating the steps required before writing any code; and building reusable libraries and methods where possible. As a result, our code has some advantages for new changes such as this in that we have consistently tried to use good coding practices and not duplicate our tasks in multiple places. While perhaps not always successful, I believe we have done a reasonable job. In the PixelDlg form, for example, we were careful to only update this form in the UpdatePixelData method of the MainForm class. Similarly, the only location where the PixelDlg form is created right now is in the Click event handler for the menuPixelData object. Such organization occasionally requires a little extra work, or in our case a few more pages, but this effort often pays off as the code is maintained and updated in the future. Stepping off my soap box and returning to the topic at hand, we will make our changes in the order shown in the previous list, beginning with a global PixelDlg instance. For this we will provide a static property in the PixelDlg class that returns a shared form.
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foreach(PropertyData prop in instProps) Load the dataset { ds.Property.AddPropertyRow(prop.Name, prop.Value!=null prop.Value.ToString():"<null>"); } ds.AcceptChanges(); ds.Property.DefaultView.AllowNew = false; ds.Property.DefaultView.AllowDelete = false; Show the settings to the user by grdProperties.DataSource = ds.Property;
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Figure 28-12. New items are created with increasing indexes. The Duplicate command creates new copies at an offset of (20, 20) with respect to the original. Repeat this step four times (to end up with six copies of each). Still using drag and drop from the Controls palette, create (for instance, both at the same height, under the array of text fields) two new buttons. Now you can resize the dialog box so as to enclose the controls only. When you write the script for the dialog box, you ll refer to the controls by their indexes. A control s index is the number that its frame displays in the bottom-right corner when selected. Check that the indexes are in the natural order, that is, from left to right and then from top to bottom. The rightmost button in the bottom should assume the index 14. If you have more items, use Edit Clear to suppress the extra controls. If the order is not what it should be, proceed as follows. Unselect any item by clicking an empty spot. Then press the Shift key, and click each item once in the desired order so as to finally select them all. Now, select Edit Cut and then Edit Paste; the controls will be pasted in the same order as you selected them. The script will handle the contents of the editable text boxes, but you have to name the other eight controls. For the editable text boxes, I suggest string to display:, text font:, text size:, x (pixels):, y (pixels):, and current target:; for the buttons I suggest refresh and validate (see Figure 28-13). For each of the eight controls to be renamed successively, double-click each to open its Control dialog box, set its name to the desired string, and then close the Control dialog box. You will not need another new control for the moment, so close the Controls palette. The interface of the dialog box is now operational if not fully finalized from a cosmetic point of view. I won t demonstrate cosmetic-oriented features here. It may be enough to say that in addition to moving and resizing, you can, using the Dialog Align Items menu item, copy the sizes from a control to another and align and/or distribute the controls vertically or horizontally. More sophisticated, user-contributed editing tools are available for free at Satimage s website.
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s Note Be aware that when you have imported a new management pack and associated reports, it can take up to 24 hours for the reports to generate correctly. This is due to the fact that the reporting data is only archived to the reporting database every 24 hours (at 1 a.m. by default) by the MOM DTS package.
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Figure 5.17 Configure the Display and Value properties.
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CHAPTER 8: Core Data Relationships
CHAPTER 7: More About Xcode
By contrast, a criteria query defines an implicit alias. The root entity in a criteria query is always assigned the alias this. We discuss this topic in more detail later, when you re joining associations with criteria queries. You don t have to think much about aliases when using the ICriteria API.
Now, here s the tricky part that s most likely needed by your server, such as in this case where you ll use a remotely hosted PHP script to do the back-end processing. Select the certificate, and choose Export. It will prompt you for a name and location to save the file. Once again, put it on the desktop for now, with a name you ll recognize later, such as 2Push2-Dev-Cert.p12. Save it in the .p12 format. When prompted for a password for the certificate, as shown in Figure 10-12, do not enter one (more on this later). Click OK.
private void Close_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Close(); Closes the app } private void Save_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Library library = (Library)FindResource("library"); library.Save(); }
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