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CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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Or, being slightly less dependent on arbitrary text, we could check for a specific button:
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An array of doubles specifying a list of 2-D vertex points in WCS coordinates. It s a simple array with a single dimension composed of alternating X and Y values (i.e., p1x, p1y, p2x, p2y, etc.). Because you must supply at least two points to create a polyline, this array must have a minimum of four elements.
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Listing 13.3 Sorted and grouped sales orders
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PS (5) > switch (2) {1 {"One"} 2 {"two"; break} 2 {"another 2"}} two
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Bevel Buttons
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Currently, the matrix region doesn t support headers and footers per grouping. It is designed for a traditional crosstab layout, which has only subtotals. There are plans that Reporting Services might hybridize the table and matrix regions (most likely by adding table-like features to the matrix) in the next version. 4.5.3 Adjusting the report layout The matrix region doesn t confine you to a fixed row and column layout. For example, you can get an inverted mirrored layout by changing the Direction property from LTR (left to right) to RTL (right to left). Also, you can move a given number of columns before the row header by using the GroupsBeforeRowHeaders property. For example, if you request sales data that falls in between two years and set GroupsBeforeRowHeaders to 1, the row header will be positioned between the year columns, as shown in figure 4.31. One interesting performance optimization detail about the matrix region inner workings is that, as we mentioned in chapter 1, it doesn t render all the data at once
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8.4.1 How much time will this add to the current process
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Blogapps server is an easy-to-install blog and wiki server that supports all of the blog and wiki features we need for the blog apps in the book.
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BackgroundRepeat property 116 bands. See report sections 105 Base64-encoding 479 based reporting applications and latency 499 Basic authentication 313 batching 295 BIDS. See Business Intelligence Development Studio binding data regions 110 BindingSource object 405 BizTalk 23, 208 blogging 209 BookmarkID command 350 BorderStyle property 332 breakpoint 158 Browser role 264, 320 322, 327,
The Welcome to Xcode Window
11.3.2 Converting values during binding Silverlight allows you to dynamically convert values during data binding. You can accomplish this by first creating a custom class that implements a value converter. This value converter can then be referenced directly in XAML. This approach is recommended over custom setter/getter code because it helps keep the design separate from the code. Let s begin by discussing how to create a value converter.
+[NSSet setWithArray:]
entities the XML Schema. Again, the subject of XML and XML Schema exceeds the scope of this article; therefore let s emphasize one principal benefit of using the XML Schema. In SQL Server, the XML standard is implemented as a data type, and because all data types typically represent (implement) a specific (data) domain, the purpose of the XML Schema in regards to the XML data type is to enforce its domain. The XML Schema will provide us with a guarantee that the discography data coming in or going out of our database is valid that it complies with the business rules.
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