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CHAPTER 11: Document-Based Applications
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Book.IsExpensive The last operator in this section will show you how query operators can be used to code a specific concept only once. The sample operator in listing 12.6 takes a book as a parameter and returns whether or not it is expensive.
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Similar to a single-system configuration, tasks must be completed in the order in which they are listed here: 1. Create the MCMS database and grant rights. 2. Create the MCMS Web site. 3. Install Content Server. 4. Configure the MCMS database in a multiple-computer setup. 5. Install Site Manager.
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Backslash Combinations
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TRY IT NOW You can see that I ve commented out one of the script s final lines,
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function GetOSInfo { param ( [string]$name, [string]$logfile ) try { $continue = $True $os = Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem ` -computerName $name -ea 'Stop' } catch { if ($logFile -ne '') { $name | Out-File $logfile -append } $continue = $False } if ($continue) { $bios = Get-WmiObject Win32_BIOS ` -computername $name $obj = New-Object PSObject $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty ComputerName $name $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty OSBuild ($os.buildnumber) $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty BIOSSerial ($bios.serialnumber) $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty LastBoot ` ($os.ConvertToDateTime($os.lastbootuptime)) Write-Output $obj } }
It is one of the event types listed under the EventProcessing element in the RSReportServer.config configuration file. The event data is the identifier of the item that triggered the event and can be of the following values: For subscriptions based on shared schedules, the EventData is the schedule identifier, as specified in the ScheduleID column in the Schedule table. For subscriptions with private schedules, the EventData corresponds to the subscription identifier, which is the value of the SubscriptionID column from the Subscriptions table. In a nutshell, triggering the subscription programmatically involves inserting an event record into the Event table in the Report Server database. While there s nothing stopping you from writing a table trigger on the Adventure Works Product table to insert a new record in the Event table when a new product has been added, the recommended way is to use the FireEvent API.
Figure 9-5. First pass at the Query Finder window
The throw statement To complete the error-handing story, we need a way to generate terminating errors or exceptions. This is accomplished by using the throw statement.
In the previous section, when we demonstrated how to use our additional query operators, we used the explicit dot notation (method syntax). For example, here is a query that uses two of the operators we created, Books and TotalPrice:
In addition, if you want finer control over IME in your application, use the InputMethod class and the attached properties it exposes. For space reasons and to stay on topic, we won t cover those numerous options, but we ll look at an example of the differences between the keyboard and text input events. To do that, you may want to set the InputMethod.IsInputMethodEnabled to true on your TextBox. While the underlying value of the IsInputMethodEnabled property is True, its actual value is influenced by the state of available input methods at runtime. Setting it to true isn t essential but helps convey your intent, especially if you ll be handling IME events in code. Listing 9.11 shows the difference between the keyboard events and the text input events. For example, to type the accented e in the first word, I must hit Shift-6 and then the letter e.
C-Sharp Corner
Figure 7-14. The Attribute pane of the Core Data model indicating that the attribute body is not optional.
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