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Figure 1.3 The traditional way of writing unit tests. The dotted lines represent actions people treat as optional.
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Pandora s Main Screen
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The hexadecimal format string converts the value to hexadecimal format. You set the minimum number of digits with the precision specifier; the number will be zero-padded to that width. Using X will result in uppercase letters in the converted value; x will result in lowercase letters. This example: using System; class Test { public static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("{0:X}", 255); Console.WriteLine("{0:x8}", 1456); } } gives the following output: FF 000005b0
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// Reset the interval SetInterval(); }
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Performance is crucial! When you re using SharePoint s cool functionality to develop Web Parts, user controls, or other SharePoint artifacts, you ll likely build applications that consume server, client, and bandwidth resources. While in development mode, your Web Parts will run fine, but once they re in production, with more data and more users, your applications can degrade in performance. Personally, I m a performance fanatic and like to achieve even the smallest optimization. You can choose among several methods for improving performance. SharePoint is quite fragile and can be a performance killer if it s not programmed and handled correctly. You must know how to handle the SharePoint objects and know
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vents occur as a result of actions happening while your program is running, such as opening or saving a drawing. They allow you to write source code that will execute whenever that event occurs. Messages such as Would you like to save changes are the common results of a user action that has triggered an event. AutoCAD 2006 supports three levels of events: application, document, and object. These event levels correspond to the three major areas of AutoCAD. Event handlers are Sub procedures that are executed automatically every time their associated event occurs. Some AutoCAD events allow information to be passed to the event handlers through parameters.
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An intent-exclusive (IX) lock is taken by a process before an exclusive lock and at a lower level of lock granularity, and is taken to signal the intention to take an exclusive lock; hence the name.
Here, I ve used the -computerName parameter of Get-EventLog, rather than invoking the entire command remotely. I ll get more or less the same results, but there are some important differences in how the command executes:
Figure 2.8 We now have a rectangle in the middle of the text.
Brad M. McGehee is an MCSE+I, MCSD, and MCT (former) with a bachelor's degree in Economics and a master's in Business Administration. Involved in the industry since 1982, Brad is currently the Director of DBA Education for Red Gate Software, and is an accomplished Microsoft SQL Server MVP with over 14 years of experience with SQL Server and over 6 years of training experience. Brad is a frequent speaker at SQL PASS, European PASS, SQL Connections, SQLTeach, SQLBits, SQL Saturdays, TechFests, Code Camps, SQL Server user groups, and other industry seminars. He blogs at
When the code processes the query expression the source sequence is enumerated, skipping elements until the count parameter value is reached. See Listing 1-30 and Figure 1-20 for a Skip-method example.
Yes, they did. So what exactly happened Well, it s the equivalent of the following expression:
Rhino Mocks was first released in June 2005, and has gained a massive user base already. It s open source, is continuously being worked upon, and has frequent releases. Currently, it s maintained by a single developer (who seems to have no life whatsoever). It has powerful APIs,
One of the most exciting new features introduced with Silverlight 3 and enhanced in Silverlight 4 is support for out-of-browser (OOB) applications. OOB applications give us the best of Silverlight s cross-platform support along with a locally installed and offline-enabled experience. Out-of-browser Silverlight applications aren t hosted in a real browser instance at least not in the way we d typically think of a browser and, therefore, don t have access to the HTML DOM described in the previous chapter. Instead, the applications must be full-page, self-contained applications, without reliance on HTML, JavaScript, or other in-page assets. Out-of-browser Silverlight applications are already seeing significant uptake within corporations, behind the firewall, due to their simple installation and update models and their presentation and data manipulation capabilities. Out-of-browser Silverlight applications look just like their full-page in-browser equivalents but without all of the extra browser chrome. A sample OOB Silverlight application may be seen in figure 5.1 and its in-browser version in figure 5.2. Between the two screenshots, you can see that the Silverlight portion of the experience remains identical (with the exception of the frame rate display I ve turned on when in the browser). The code and the .xap file are the same in both instances. What
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