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The choose file command will either return an alias or list of aliases or generate an error, depending on the user action and parameters. The dialog box will generate a User canceled error if the user clicks the Cancel button. If the user clicks OK, then the command will return a single alias by default. However, if the multiple selections allowed parameter is set to true, then the result will be a list of aliases, even if the user chose only one file. This means you probably have to put your choose file command in a try block to handle any User canceled errors and know whether to expect a list of aliases or a single alias based on your use of the multiple selections allowed parameter.
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The AddPadding resource points to an object that implements the IValueConverter interface a simple interface with only the two methods Convert and ConvertBack (and no one ever bothers implementing the ConvertBack method). The AddPadding resource looks like this:
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These properties are DependencyProperty elements a special type of property designed to depend on information from multiple sources, covered in chapter 2. For instance, as shown in listing 6.6, you use two DependencyProperty (specifically attached properties) attributes Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top to position the TextBlock. At the same time, there could be an animation affecting the TextBlock, so the position of the TextBlock would be dependent upon both the layout panel (the Canvas) and the animation. (Animations are discussed in chapter 22.) Thanks to the DependencyProperty, it s incredibly easy to manage or retrieve the value associated with an attached property. Dependency properties also provide several other advantages discussed in more detail in section 2.1.4. For now, let s look at how to find elements within the element tree.
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The source for this script is shown in listing B.5. This script is a good illustration of how to bring the old world of string-based utilities into the new PowerShell world of objects.
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16.2 Creating a basic navigation application
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Listing 2-10. Retrieving a Person and Using Its Role Property
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Listing 8 View to return products and their subcategories
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Sqlps.exe is a PowerShell mini-shell. It s a version of PowerShell that has been spe-
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MCMS stores and retrieves items in the cache whenever the Site Manager makes requests. With concurrent users, the cached version of the container
The Spline Object
We re going to split up the application preferences into different three different groups, one for each of the three game objects the user can create. We ll separate the groups by placing the controls an NSTabView, which lets the user switch between different views by selecting from a list of tabs along the top. In the Library window, type in tab, then drag the resulting Tab View into your empty window. Resize it so that it nearly fills the window (as shown in Figure 6 1), leaving the standard margin that the blue lines will happily show you.
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