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19.1 Introducing the NDK
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5.3.1 Caching strategies and scopes
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If it can, you cast theNote to ICompressible, and call the Compress( ) method. Then you check whether the Note can safely be cast to a Document:
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Additional ContentProvider manifest properties
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Instead of issuing a LINQ to Objects query like this:
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Creating an Android application
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List<String> results = new ArrayList<String>(); for (Item item : items) { StringBuilder itemInString = new StringBuilder( "Item " ) .append( "(" ).append( item.getEan() ) .append( ")" ) .append( " " ).append( item.getTitle() ); results.add( itemInString.toString() ); } return results; }
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Using Xcode
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Figure B-7. The Copy Web Site window looks like this when you first open it. You use the Connect button to locate the destination folder.
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LightSource name sequencenumber parameterlist
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We ve been defining functions and calling them in the previous section and in the rest of this book. A Java or C# programmer might have assumed that they were something like a method, defined with a slightly funny-looking syntax. In this section, we ll take functions apart a bit more and see what we can do with them.
Message message = session.createMapMessage(); message.setStringProperty("MessageFormat","Version 3.4"); // set the reservation named values
16.2 Maintaining user preferences
Purpose Create a new directory.
We ve simply resolved all the necessary references at the start of the calculation as local variables. This makes the code more readable and, more important, reduces the work that the interpreter needs to do. Listing 8.7 shows the code for the complete web page that allows the two algorithms to be profiled side by side.
Prototype Pattern Pattern August 2007 Makes use of the Photo Library examples Shares (i.e. deep copies) parts of the hierarchy, then makes changes // The Client class prototypePatternExample { static void Main ( ) { IComponent <string> album = new Composite<string> ("Album"); IComponent <string> point = album; IComponent <string> archive = new Composite<string> ("Archive"); string [] s; string command, parameter; // Create and manipulate a structure StreamReader instream = new StreamReader("prototype.dat"); do { string t= instream.ReadLine( ); Console.WriteLine("\t\t\t\t"+t); s = t.Split( ); command = s[0]; if (s.Length>1) parameter = s[1]; else parameter = null; switch (command) { case "AddSet" : IComponent <string> c = new Composite <string> (parameter); point.Add(c); point = c; break;
Listing 18.1 An introductory mapping
Because the report configuration file allows nested report groups to any level, we need to use a recursive routine to repeatedly descend to each successive level. The LoadReportGroup routine, called by RefreshReportList, adds all report items and report groups within a starting report group. It s initially called from the reference point of the root <reportList> element. Each time it finds a child <reportGroup> element, it calls itself again, but this time starting from the reference point of the child <reportGroup> element.
Listing 7.6 Code snippets from a refactored PurchaseOrder and LineItem that avoid re-entrant behavior
affecting the rest. For example, changing the persistence requirement from a relational database to an object database should not affect the business logic or security requirements. Separating and identifying the concerns in a system is an important exercise in the development of a software system, regardless of the methodology used. Once we have done so, we can address each concern independently, making the design task more manageable. The problem arises when we implement the concerns into modules. Ideally, the implementation will preserve the independence of the concerns, but this doesn t always happen. 1.3.2 A one-dimensional solution Crosscutting concerns, by their nature, span many modules, and current implementation techniques tend to mix them into the individual core modules. To illustrate this, figure 1.4 shows a three-dimensional concern space, whereas the code that implements the concerns is a continuous flow of calls, and in that sense is one-dimensional. Such a mismatch results in an awkward mapping of the concerns to the implementation. Since the implementation space is one-dimensional, its main focus is usually the implementation of the core concern, and the implementation of the crosscutting concerns is mixed in with it. While we may naturally separate the individual requirements into mutually independent concerns during the design phase, current programming methodologies do not allow us to retain the separation in the implementation phase.
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