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In this chapter, you learned about transactions, concurrency, isolation, and locking. You now know that Hibernate relies on the database concurrency control mechanism but provides better isolation guarantees in a transaction, thanks to automatic versioning and the persistence context cache. You learned how to set transaction boundaries programmatically with the Hibernate API, JTA UserTransaction, and the JPA EntityTransaction interface. We also looked at transaction assembly with EJB 3.0 components and how you can work nontransactionally with autocommit mode.
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Object o = myObjectArray[i];
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top, int width, int height, int dstX, int dstY, int mode, int srcWind, int dstWind), provides the capability to copy a region of the display to or from the off screen area. The on and off screen areas are designated through two Graphics static integers, ON_SCREEN_WINDOW and OFF_SCREEN_WINDOW. Either of these two integers can be passed as the last argument to the copyOffScreenRegion()
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 7, Snippet Item 4.
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To use the <flushOnExecute> tag, you need to specify the statement name, using the statement attribute, which should trigger the cache flush. If the statement is contained within a sqlMap that uses a namespace attribute, you must specify the full
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init { ripples = for(i in [0..<numRipples]) Ripple { stroke: bind color; animRadius: radius; }; content = ripples; masterTimeline = Timeline { keyFrames: for(i in [0..<numRipples]) KeyFrame { time: i*rippleGap; action: function() {
<weblogic-ejb-jar> <weblogic-enterprise-bean> <ejb-name>myMessageBean</ejb-name> <message-driven-descriptor> <destination-jndi-name>BookJMSTopic</destination-jndi-name> </message-driven-descriptor> <jndi-name>myMessageBean</jndi-name> </weblogic-enterprise-bean> </weblogic-ejb-jar>
It s common for criteria queries to be built programmatically by combining several optional criterions depending on user input. For example, a system administrator may wish to search for users by any combination of first name or last name and retrieve the result ordered by username. Using HQL or JPA QL, you can build the query using string manipulations:
There s still more to the table view controller. Not only do you have to work with data when you re setting it up, you also have to do so when it s in active use, which usually occurs when your user selects individual cells.
The code we are writing will also involve the use of the Product domain object (listing 14.8). The product objects will be loaded in a list for display on the JSP page. This means that the product will not be accessed directly by any Java code at this point. Regardless, it will be smart to code it for the sake of thoroughness. Let s add it to the org.apache.ibatis.jgamestore.domain package as The Product object will consist of a productId, categoryId, name, description, and image. Product is not much different from the Category domain object except that the Product domain object contains an associated categoryId.
The Java APIs for XML
Before Ant calls a setter method for an attribute, property references are expanded. Tasks receive only the expanded values for attributes. We discuss this further in section 19.4.1.
MsgBox("Alice/none: " & _ EncryptPassword("Alice", "") & vbCrLf & _ "Alice/password: " & _ EncryptPassword("Alice", "password") & vbCrLf & _ "Bob/none: " & _ EncryptPassword("Bob", "") & vbCrLf & _ "Bob/password: " & _ EncryptPassword("Bob", "password"))
When you become more familiar with AspectJ, you can add many other tweaks to optimally configure the AspectJ-based pooling solution to fit your system s needs.
The <tstamp/> task also allows any number of nested <format> elements, which define properties given a format specification. For example, to create a property with only the day of the week, use <format property="." pattern=".">: .. ..
10.2.4 Checking for movement
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