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The webservices.xml file is the baling wire that ties the separate deployment files together. It defines the relationships between the stateless session bean, the WSDL file, and the JAX-RPC mapping file:
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The difference between this statement and the last one is how iBATIS handles the parameter passed into the statement. This statement is called the same way:
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Overloaded Members and Optional Arguments
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 22, Snippet Item 13.
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At q you create a new memory stream that writes the contents of the BLOB that s been downloaded from BLOB storage. At w you set the MIME type of the file so that you can allow the browser to perform the correct action based on that type (for example, launch Windows Media Player, Microsoft Word, or some other action), and you add the content-disposition header so that the browser knows to offer a Save file dialog box to the user. Finally, the downloaded BLOB is made available to the client by writing the file to the response stream e. In the previous example, we used the DownloadToStream option to download files from BLOB storage but the storage client also offers these methods to download files: DownloadText, DownloadByteArray, and DownloadToFile. qr code rdlc
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Click the button. Unfortunately, nothing happens. In the status bar of the browser, you may see evidence that the page is sent back to the server this is called a post back, which we ll describe in 2. For now, close the browser to end the application; then return to the Design view in the IDE. All web applications are event-driven, meaning that for anything to happen for any of your controls to take any action in the page an event must fire. Then, behind the scenes, a block of code called an event handler is called to handle that event. All of this firing of events and calling event handlers is automatically wired in by ASP.NET, and is far easier to set up than it is to describe, so don t panic! Not surprisingly, all buttons have a built-in event called Click. The Click event is automatically fired whenever the user clicks a button. At the moment, when you click the button on your web page, the event is fired, but there s no event handler yet, so nothing happens. Creating the event handler for the Click event is easy. In Design view, double-click the button control. This instructs the IDE to create an event handler and name it. The IDE will name your event handler as follows: the ID of the control, followed by an underscore, followed by the name of the event. If you do not explicitly name the ID for this button (we ll discuss naming events and event handlers later), the IDE will apply the default ID of Button1. Thus, the name of the event handler will be set to Button1_Click. The IDE then displays the code-behind page and an event handler stub for you to complete. Here you can add your own custom code to specify the operations you want the handler to perform when it s called. Give it a try. Switch to Design view and double-click on the button. The code-behind file containing your newly created event handler will open, as shown in Figure 1-9. Because the IDE gave your button a default name of Button1, the click event handler is named Button1_Click by default. Later you ll see how to name your own buttons, and if you wish, name your own event handlers. In this event handler, whenever the user clicks the button, you want to set the Text property of the Label control, which the IDE named Label1, to the phrase Hello World. To do that, you need to assign that string of letters to the Text property of the Label. The event handler for Button1_Click appears as shown in Example 1-1.
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Executing: int javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel.getRowCount() Thread[main,5,main] Row count = 4 Executing: Color javax.swing.JTable.getGridColor() Thread[main,5,main] Grid color = javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource[r=153,g=153,b=153]
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is to provide feedback about the progress of the operation. Receivers can use this feedback to determine the status of the operation and to enhance the user experience based on the current state. For example, a draggable item may want to display a semitransparent copy of the element being dragged, near the mouse pointer. A drop target may decide to highlight its area when an element is dragged over it. To receive feedback from the DragDropManager, draggable items must implement the Sys.Preview.UI.IDragSource interface. Drop targets have to implement the Sys.Preview.UI.IDropTarget interface. Figure 12.2 shows the bidirectional communication established between the DragDropManager, draggable items, and drop targets. Without the ability to access data, a drag-and-drop operation would remain just a visual effect. The goal is to obtain a visual representation of a particular elaboration. The IDragSource and IDropTarget interfaces define methods to process the data associated with a drag-and-drop operation, so you can process the data during the phases of the operation. For example, if you drag a file icon over the recycle-bin icon, you want the file marked for deletion. Similarly, if you drag a file over a folder, you expect the file to be copied or moved in that particular folder. You must be able to access and process the file involved in the drag-and-drop operation. The possibility of accessing data during a drag-and-drop operation gives you the entire picture of the drag-and-drop engine, illustrated in figure 12.3. Now that you know the overall workings of the drag-and-drop engine, it s time to sit at a keyboard and start writing some code. In the next section, you ll implement your first drag-and-drop operation by simulating a basic drag-and-drop shopping cart.
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The Programming Model
public aspect AssociationDemoAspect { public AssociationDemoAspect() { System.out.println("Creating aspect instance"); } pointcut accountOperationExecution(Account account) : (execution(* || execution(* Account.debit(..))) && this(account);
C Configures a
It is a public virtual method that returns a string and takes no parameters. All the built-in types, such as int, derive from Object and so can invoke Object s methods.
e.Row.Cells(2).ForeColor = Drawing.Color.Red
Clients receive the JTA
@Entity @Table(name="USERS") @Inheritance(strategy=InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE) @DiscriminatorColumn(name="USER_TYPE", discriminatorType=DiscriminatorType.STRING, length=1) public abstract class User ...
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