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Insert QR in .NET 2: Building Web Applications

needed to fix something and run another build.
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So, we need to choose a path in which our current user is likely to have permission to create/read/write and delete files and directories. It doesn t have to be one that the user
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From an application point of view, this is much better behavior than before: we were able to stop when we hit our first problem. Unfortunately, we had to write quite a lot of boilerplate code to achieve that end, and our code is much less readable than it was before. We also created a huge number of potential exit points out of our function, which decreases its maintainability. So while it is better, I m not totally happy with it; this is catching just one potential error from one function, and we have almost as many lines of code dealing with that as we do our success scenario, scattered throughout our whole program!
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Querying persistent objects
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Adding the License to the Library Program
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When you added the Label, a line appeared in the XAML that looks something like this, depending on where you placed the Label:
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Exercise 2-3. Creating the web page for this exercise is simple; you just need a TextBox, a Label, a Button, and some plain text to tell the user what to do. The only hitch is that you need to remember to set the TextMode property of the TextBox to Password. The next step is writing the event handler for the Submit button. All you want to do is set the Text property of the Label to be the same as the Text property of the TextBox. For that, you need just one line:
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Query query = pm.newQuery("SELECT FROM " + "actionbazaar.buslogic.User WHERE firstName == :firstName"); List<User> people = (List<User>) query.execute(firstName);
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Unfortunately, this routine is usable only with SqlDataReader objects. In the PerformLookup routine we re about to add, we ll need to format author names from a LINQ query of QAuthor table records. I guess we ll need another extension method for that type of object. Open the General.vb source code file and add a new FormatAuthorName method to the General module. Some of the code appears here.
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Exercise 16-1. Create a simple array of three integers. Ask the user which array element she wants to see. Output the integer that the user asked for (remember that the user probably won t ask for a zero-based index). Provide a way for the user to indicate whether she wants another integer, or to end the program. Provide a handler that deals with invalid input. Exercise 16-2. Modify the example in Exercise 16-1 to handle two specific errors: the IndexOutOfRangeException, which is used when the user enters a number that s not valid for the array, and the FormatException, which is used when the entered value doesn t match the expected format in this case, if the user enters something that isn t a number. Leave the existing handler as a default.
Common uses for worker roles
<Button Style="{StaticResource buttonStyle}" Height="23" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,0,37,56" Name="button3" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Width="75">Button3</Button> <TextBox Style="{StaticResource textboxStyle}" Height="23" Margin="19,0,139,55.48" Name="textBox3" VerticalAlignment="Bottom">TextBox3</TextBox> </Grid> </Window>
In fact, we had to move only one line of code to reduce this to a single modification of the existing document. Listing 8.6 shows the full code for a test page that compares these two versions of the function using our stopwatch library.
Design patterns provide a high-level language of discourse for programmers to describe their systems and to discuss solutions to common problems. This language comprises the names of recognizable patterns and their elements. The proper and intelligent use of patterns will guide a developer into designing a system that conforms to well-established prior practices, without stifling innovation. In the marketplace, design patterns greatly enhance practitioners mobility and the value of their knowledge, as they provide a common, recognizable basis for tackling problems. The patterns have illustrative names and are described with diagrams illustrating their role players. There are only 23 classic patterns (fewer than the letters of the English alphabet), and a good programmer can learn the names and uses of all of them with some practice. When faced with design choices, such programmers are no longer left to select language features, such as inheritance, interfaces, or delegates. They can instead hone in on the bigger picture: a blog would match an Observer pattern ( 9), a community network system would need a Proxy ( 2), and so on. The element of decision making is not removed, but it is raised to a higher level. So, who decides how a design pattern is implemented in a given language Books such as this one and writings on web sites present the implementations of the patterns, together with guidance on how to choose a pattern and even how to select among alternative implementations (if there are any). However, the pull of custom is very strong, and often patterns are presented using only the language features of the 1980s. Not so in this book. C# 3.0 Design Patterns aims to present the 23 classic patterns in the best possible C# 3.0 style, ensuring that what you learn here will be of real value to you for many years to come.
Answers to Exercises
<personalization defaultProvider="SqlBlogPersonalizationProvider"> <providers> <add connectionStringName="LocalSqlServer" applicationName="/" name="SqlBlogPersonalizationProvider" type="AW.Portal.Web.VersionedPersonalizationProvider" /> </providers> </personalization>
Custom node initialization
7.3.3 @ManyToMany
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