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The SDK s event modeling How events and actions differ Creating simple event- and action-driven apps
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Listing 26.11 Testing our Index action
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// add 1/2 and 3/4 using + operator Fraction theSum = firstFraction + secondFraction;
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this action.
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Implementing thread safety
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namespace WebPartTests { public class CustomWeatherPart : WebPart { public CustomWeatherPart() { } } }
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Mapping Metadata
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<%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Views/Shared/Site.Master" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage<GuestBookEntry>" %>
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The actual query is done in SQL. You can find good information at on the SQL syntax currently supported. Use this site as a reference if you re unfamiliar with the language. Each of the four handler arguments, marked with an *, is optional, meaning that the simplest call to a transaction just sends the SQL and any arguments. The first two handlers are for individual queries, and the last two handlers are for the transaction as a whole. They each refer to a different function that accepts one or more arguments, as shown in table 4.5.
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the label holding the Hello World legend are constructed and combined in separate discrete steps. The order of these steps does not necessarily tally with the structure of the UI they build; the label is created before its parent frame is created but added after. As the scale of the GUI increases, Java s verbose syntax and disjointed structure Figure 1.7 Separated at birth: Hello World! as (compared to the GUI structure) quickly a JavaFX application and as a Java application become a handful, while JavaFX Script, a bit like the famous Energizer Bunny, can keep on going for far longer, thanks to its declarative syntax. For readers unfamiliar with the Java platform, appendix D provides an overview, including how the write once, run anywhere promise is achieved, the different editions of Java, and the versions and revision names over the years. Although JavaFX Script is independent of Java as a language, it s reliance on the Java runtime platform means background knowledge of Java is useful.
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package com.manning.hq.ch10; import org.dbunit.DatabaseTestCase;
</assembly-descriptor> </ejb-jar>
Working with ContentProvider classes
IExtenderControl methods
There are two alternate options instead of the value parameter: file and path. Just as with arguments, the file attribute lets you name a file; Ant resolves relative references to pass in an absolute file name, and convert file separators to the native platform. The path attribute is similar, except that you can list multiple files
The following code shows the markup for your empty ASP.NET page:
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