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public Query setParameter(String name, Calendar value, TemporalType temporalType)
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A Main Menu 1. Order Products 2. Product Lookup 3. Order History 4. Order Status
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It would be helpful if Image::Magick provided a rapid access method for this sort of information, because the method outlined above is a spectacular 100 times slower than the stringTTF() method in GD, and is not exactly elegant either. Even though Image::Magick does not provide a direct method to obtain the size of a text fragment, we can write our own, and insert it into the Image::Magick namespace:
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Binding to an entire sequence (for) In the previous section we witnessed what happens when we bind against an individual sequence element, but what happens when we bind against an entire sequence Listing 2.32 has the answer.
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scalar query 641 scalar values 684 retrieving 684 schema generation hbm2ddl in Ant 63 63 programmatic 63 with Ant 65 SchemaExport 63 and Hibernate Validator 790 SchemaUpdate 64 SchemaValidate 64 scope of identity 393 scroll() 629, 677 scrollable resultsets 628 ScrollableResults 537, 629 cursor 629 interface 628 scrolling 626 results 628 ScrollMode 629 ScrollMode.SCROLL_ INSENSITIVE 629 ScrollMode.SCROLL_ SENSITIVE 629 Seam @Begin 770 @Destroy 770 @End 770 @In 783 784 @Name 769, 782 @Out 783, 785 analyzing an application 773 automatic binding and scoping of persistence context 804 automatic persistence context handling 803 automatic wrapping of JSF request 804 binding pages to stateful components 767 business-process context 765 components.xml 767 configuration 767 configuring 766 context hierarchy 785 conversation context 765 conversation model advantages 809 decorating pages with tags 792
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12: Operator Overloading |
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transaction-type = Container transaction-attribute = Never | NotSupported | Supports |
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It is possible to get output that is different from that shown here, depending on several factors, including the version of the AspectJ compiler you are using. The actual output may match the desired output. Such matching, however, is purely accidental, since the precedence is arbitrarily determined unless you specify the advice precedence.
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#import #import #import #import
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When you run LINQ to Objects queries, the output of the query is a new set of objects that contains a subset of the original source object data. This lets you run queries by saying things like, Hey LINQ, from this list of employees and their properties, give me just the names of those employees who were hired in the past 90 days. This results set, a collection based on IEnumerable, can be further queried or used as you would any other collection in your Visual Basic code.
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In a similar fashion, you can implement other restrictions, such as no calls to Thread s methods, socket creation, access, native library loading, or reflection use. For each such restriction, you will need to provide a pointcut definition to capture the join points corresponding to the restricted operations. You will also need to include a declare error clause for those pointcuts. To capture indirect calls, you will have to advise the join point occurring in the control flow of the bean method and log the violation. 6.5.2 Implementing no nonfinal static field access Another EJB programming restriction disallows the use of nonfinal static fields by a bean. This ensures the correctness of those fields when a bean moves from one VM to another. With AspectJ, you can indirectly capture this restriction by capturing write access to such fields. This solution does not implement the policy in exact terms, but it implements the spirit of it. The following snippet defines a pointcut that will capture write access to any static field in any subclass of EnterpriseBean and declare the access to be an error:
theDoc.Read( ); theDoc.Talk( );
11.1 An introduction to images
A basic, but useful, scenario in our application is to test to see if we can edit product information. Our sample application allows the user to view and edit product details, a critical business feature. Testing manually, this would mean following these steps:
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