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While mobile applications are nothing new to the technology market, J2ME provides the ability for organizations with a commitment to Java to easily move into the mobile space. J2ME also makes it possible to run the same application on multiple devices, providing flexibility among vendors. In cases where applications are publicly released, the number of devices on which the application can run becomes an important selling point. The network capabilities of J2ME complements other emerging technologies such as Bluetooth, which provides wireless local area network capabilities through radio frequency communication, and Jini, which provides spontaneous networking capabilities. Using Jini and Bluetooth, a J2ME device could automatically register itself on a wireless local area network as the user enters a room and unregister the user when he leaves the room. While connected to the wireless network, the user would have access to a number of network services such as printers, fax machines, email, network file systems, databases, enterprise systems, and other devices currently registered with the network. Which services a user has available depends on who the user is, of course, and how the user or device is presented to the network. Since network connectivity is so vital to J2ME it is important that the architecture be extendible to many different protocols while allowing applications to be portable across many devices. The piece of software within the J2ME architecture that addresses network connectivity is called the Generic Connection Framework (GCF).
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In each of these cases, the returned result is a Boolean value (true for equal and false for unequal). Example 15-4 demonstrates these techniques.
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antfile dir inheritall inheritrefs output target <property> <reference> The build file to use. [String] The directory to use as a base directory for the new Ant project. [File] If true, pass all properties to the new Ant project; default true. [Boolean] If true, pass all references to the new Ant project; default false. [Boolean] File name to write the output to. [String] The target of the new Ant project to execute. [String] Property to pass to the new project. [See <property>] Reference element identifying a data type to carry over to the new project.
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<sql-query name="selectEvents_SP" callable="true"> <return alias="ev" class="Event"> <return-property name="id" column="id"/> <return-property name="name" column="event_name"/> <return-property name="startDate" column="start_date"/> <return-property name="duration" column="duration"/> </return> { = call selectEvents() } </sql-query>
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Working with ASP.NET Web Services
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function GiveOptions(e){ var intKey = -1; if(window.event){ intKey = event.keyCode; theTextBox = event.srcElement; } else{ intKey = e.which; theTextBox =; }
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int minSize = 10000; var bigFiles = from file in GetAllFilesInDirectory(@"c:\") where new FileInfo(file).Length > minSize select file; var filesOver10k = bigFiles.ToArray(); minSize = 100000; var filesOver100k = bigFiles.ToArray(); minSize = 1000000;
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We can also form a bridge by subclassing a Java class. However, interfaces, with their lack of inherited behavior, generally provide a cleaner (sharper, less complicated) coupling. But, as the saying goes, there s more than one way to skin a cat. Choose the way that makes sense to you and your current project.
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Hibernate Search, by default, doesn t represent null attributes in the index. Lucene doesn t have the notion of null fields; the field is simply not there. Hibernate Search could offer the ability to use a special string as a null marker to still be able to search by null values. But before you jump at the Hibernate Search team s throats, you need to understand why they have not offered this feature so far. Null is not a value per se. Null means that the data is not known (or doesn t make sense). Therefore, searching by null as if it were a value is somewhat odd. The authors are well aware that this is a raging debate, especially among the relational model experts (see wiki/Null_%28SQL%29). Whenever you feel the need to searching by null, ask yourself if storing a special marker value in the database would make more sense. If you store a special marker value in the database, a lot of the null inconsistencies vanish. It also has the side effect of being queriable in Lucene and Hibernate Search.
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Next, we ll look at the foundational information about why Intents are important, then we ll describe how Intents work. Beyond the introduction of the Intent, the remainder of this chapter describes the major elements of Android application development, leading up to and including the first complete Android application that you ll develop.
tests and tend to neglect them. Tools that test the web application automatically must be modified themselves each time the interface changes, whether or not the change is pertinent to the test s goal. Additionally, GUI design changes run the risk of breaking working code. Before you know it, the quick solution turns into an intertwined nest of if-then-else statements and JSP includes, and you have a maintenance nightmare on your hands. A cleaner design is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern shown in JSP and the controller logic uses servlets and plainer Java. The view JSPs contain the minimal logic necessary to query the model classes and generate HTML pages that present the information and as required post requests to the controllers. In this design, you can easily unit test the model and controller business logic automatically. Discussion of MVC falls out of the scope of EJB; however, the Jakarta Struts project is a popular open source framework based around the pattern. The designer can further abstract the entity bean persistence layer in such a way that the business logic code can run against stubbed test classes rather than actual entity beans. In this case, unit tests can run without an EJB container and consequently without the overhead of running an application server. In the past, we ve passed over this design suggestion. Instead, we ve favored lighter weight persistence mechanisms such as JDO or even a custom persistence framework instead of entity beans. The benefits here are that the code is easy to test outside an application server and, perhaps even more importantly, reusable outside a J2EE environment. This can be a real boon for productivity as it reduces testing times and makes your code available for use in stand-alone J2SE applications. See chapter 8 for details on implementing alternative persistence layers.
C Create an XML InputSource
Figure 7.1 A diagram of Event and EventDao as they interact with the database
We could have specified our base class directly or have had the default Struts base class used by not specifying the extends attribute at all. By providing a bit of insulation between our application and the Struts API, we allow ourselves the flexibility to inject new functionality (perhaps form validation features). By using ${struts. base.class}, our build can dynamically change the base class that gets used on the generated code. Our <ejbdoclet> task now looks like this:
public void createPdf(String filename) Reads new ... document with PdfReader[] readers = { search actions new PdfReader(baos.toByteArray()), new PdfReader(NestedTables.RESULT) }; Reads original document Document document = new Document(); PdfCopy copy = new PdfCopy( document, new FileOutputStream(filename));; copy.addJavaScript( Adds JS function to document Utilities.readFileToString(RESOURCE)); int n; for (int i = 0; i < readers.length; i++) { n = readers[i].getNumberOfPages(); for (int page = 0; page < n; ) { copy.addPage(copy.getImportedPage(readers[i], ++page)); } } document.close(); } public Paragraph createDirectorParagraph(PdfWriter writer, ResultSet rs) throws UnsupportedEncodingException, SQLException {
As promised, let s dive into the implementation details of the registration procedure. Typically, a script control that will register itself with the ScriptManager overrides the OnPreRender and OnRender methods. In the OnPreRender method, you first check that a ScriptManager control is present on the page before calling the RegisterScriptControl method. Listing 9.6 shows a possible override of the OnPreRender method.
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