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If you don t declare a property as @Embedded, and it isn t of a JDK type, Hibernate looks into the associated class for the @Embeddable annotation. If it s present, the property is automatically mapped as a dependent component.
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namespace FileCopier { public partial class FrmFileCopier : Form { public FrmFileCopier( ) { InitializeComponent( ); FillDirectoryTree(tvwSource, true); FillDirectoryTree(tvwTargetDir, false); } private void FillDirectoryTree(TreeView tvw, bool isSource) { } } }
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When a touch event arrives at a UIControl object (via normal dispatching along the responder chain), the control does something unique. Inside the standard UIResponder methods that you used in the previous section (such as touchesBegan:withEvent:), a UIControl object turns standard touch events into special control events. These control events broadly describe how the user has interacted with the controls rather than recording gestures. For example, they may report that a button has been pushed or a slider moved. They re divided into three categories: touch events, editing events, and a slider event. The touch events describe how a user s finger interacted with the control; the editing events describe changes to a UITextField; and the UIControlEventValueChanged event describes changes to a UISlider. These control events are all enumerated in a bitmask that s defined in the UIControl object. An almost-complete listing of them including some composite control events can be found in table 6.5. We ve left out only a few reserved values.
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Item item = (Item) session.load(Item.class, new Long(123));
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methods like ejbCreate, ejbRemove, ejbActivate, ejbPassivate, and setSessionContext, whether or not you actually used them. In effect, you were forced to deal with several mechanical steps to accomplish very little. IDE tools like JBuilder, JDeveloper, and WebSphere Studio helped matters a bit by automating some of these steps. However, in general, decent tools with robust support were extremely expensive and clunky. As you saw in listing 1.1, EJB 3 enables you to develop an EJB component using POJOs and POJIs that know nothing about platform services. You can then apply configuration metadata, using annotations, to these POJOs and POJIs to add platform services such as remoteability, web services support, and lifecycle callbacks only as needed. The largely redundant step of creating home interfaces has been done away with altogether. In short, EJB service definitions have been moved out of the typesafe world of interfaces into deploy and runtime configurations where they are suited best. A number of mechanical steps that were hardly ever used have now been automated by the platform itself. In other words, you do not have to write a lot of code to implement an EJB!
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You want to propagate the persistence context so that one persistence context is used for all data access in a particular request. In Hibernate, this functionality is built in with the getCurrentSession() feature. JPA doesn t have this feature if it s deployed stand-alone in Java SE. On the other hand, thanks to the EJB 3.0 programming model and the well-defined scope and lifecycle of transactions and managed components, JPA in combination with EJBs is much more powerful than native Hibernate. If you decide to use a detached objects approach as your conversation implementation strategy, you need to make changes to detached objects persistent. Hibernate offers reattachment and merging; JPA only supports merging. We discussed the differences in the previous chapter in detail, but we want to revisit it briefly with more realistic conversation examples. If you decide to use the session-per-conversation approach as your conversation implementation strategy, you need to extend the persistence context to span a whole conversation. We look at the JPA persistence context scopes and explore how you can implement extended persistence contexts with JPA in Java SE and with EJB components.
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Understanding contextual components
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With a PdfPCell object You create a PdfPCell using a Phrase as a parameter, and add it to the table with the addCell() method. Before adding the cell, you use methods such as setHorizontalAlignment(), setVerticalAlignment(), and so on, to change the properties of the PdfPCell. Without a PdfPCell object You add a String or a Phrase object straight to the table with addCell(), using the properties of the default cell. The default cell is a special PdfPCell instance owned by the PdfPTable object. It can be accessed with the getDefaultCell() method.
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Listing 8.1 Conditionally setting the visibility of Common Task buttons
Figure 20-10. A title matching form for both check-in and checkout
Domain models and metadata
The maximum number of connections in the pool. An exception will be thrown at runtime if this number is exhausted. The timeout period (in this case, 5 minutes or 300 seconds) after which an idle connection will be removed from the pool. The maximum number of prepared statements that will be cached. Caching of prepared statements is essential for best performance with Hibernate. The idle time in seconds before a connection is automatically validated.
Example 10-29 shows the @-quoted equivalent.
Note the e shorthand notation for query objects. Of course, you aren t limited to basic queries:
changing pool implementation 215 fine tuning 222 registering connection, need for 213 resource creation join point 214 resource destruction join point 214 resource pooling template, mapping to 213 selective enabling 222 DatabaseHelper 358 data-driven authorization 352 EJB, and 325 DBConnectionDescription 216 DBConnectionPool 212 DBConnectionPoolingAspect 2 14 deadlocks 287 declarative form, EJB transaction management 357 declare error 97 policy enforcement example of 186 187, 192, 195 transaction management example 374 declare parents 96 example of 97 Java inheritance rules 97 restrictions 97 declare precedence 115 abstract aspects 115, 119 circular dependency 117 enforcement usage 117 common usage idiom 117 dominating all aspects 116 example of 115, 269 example of multiple types 116 logging, example of 220, 332, 363, 408 subordinating all aspects 116 Swing thread safety, example of 302 syntax 115 use in logging 328 wildcard, using 116 declare soft example of 319, 371
The FillDirectoryTree implementation names the TreeView parameter tvw. This will represent the source TreeView and the destination TreeView in turn. You ll need some classes from System.IO, so add a using System.IO statement at the top of Form1.cs. Next, add the method declaration to Form1.cs:
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