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Figure 7 3. The background stripes in a Texture Atlas
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Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) 280 communication between operating system layers 17 comparing files 130, 306 comparison operator 258 Compatible Timesharing System (CTSS) 327 compiled script 251 compiler flag 97, 99 compiler options 99 compiler settings 91 composition 175 compress 306 compressing data 306 computer operator 324 Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 83 accessing within Project Builder 87 checkout 86 creating respository 84 importing project 85 initializing for first use 84 setting environment variables 84 setup for Project Builder 83 configuration management 117 conformsTo 180 connecting actions 217 connecting outlets 217 console viewing contents 74 container 184 content-based documentation search 287 Contents pane 71 Bookmarks view 73 Breakpoints view 74 Classes view 71 Executable view 74 Files view 71 Target view 73 control card 325 control statement 256 Control Strip 312 controller 194, 224 controls aligning 213, 215 distance between 213
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Description Set up the RDLC file. Create a new project. Create a DataSet for your project. Add a ReportViewer control to your form. Add an RDLC file to the project. Choose the report and data source for your report. Configure additional properties.
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char float double charPtr; floatPtr; doublePtr;
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SSL Server Connections
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Make classes nonsealed by default.
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HANDLE AN ATTEMPT TO OPEN A DISPLAYED ALBUM Action 1 In the MainForm.cs code window, add a new AlbumFile property to retrieve the file name of the displayed album. Locate the
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Coding styles ASP.NET developers now have the choice of where their code resides. Let s break these styles into three distinct categories: traditional ( spaghetti ), code-behind, and component coding. Traditional, or spaghetti, coding is the style used by traditional ASP. With this style, your presentation layer and your business logic are located within the same file. Your code is cluttered because all of it (the HTML and server-side logic) is viewed and edited in the same window. ASP.NET supports this style with the use of <SCRIPT RunAt=server> tags. The advantage that ASP.NET provides over ASP is that you can 41
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A numbers table can be useful for a variety of reasons. You can create result sets on the fly without having to store the data itself. Using a numbers table, you can also do setbased operations; this will speed up some operations dramatically because you aren t looping anymore. To find gaps in identity values, all you need to do is left-join your table with a numbers table and select the rows that have no value. Splitting off strings can also be accomplished fairly easy with a numbers table, as you ll see later on. How big should a numbers table be To store a million numbers in a numbers table, you ll need about 13 megabytes. If you re just doing date ranges and splitting off strings, then 10,000 rows might be enough; if you need to find identity gaps, then you need more rows than the maximum value in your identity column. Let s start by creating our numbers table. We do this by creating an empty table, into which we insert 251 rows with values between 0 and 250 with the SQL script in listing 1.
Finding Music with Featured, Top Charts, and Genius
Figure 15.5 We ve cleverly created a 3D shape that looks like something we could have done far more easily in 2D. For our next trick, we ll turn water into water.
this.menuImage.MenuItems.AddRange(new System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem[] { this.menuStretch, this.menuActual});
EXEC dbo.spSimil_FirstNameLastName N'John Adams', 0.75
TranslateTransform Moves the object. We ve moved the object over by 20 pixels and down by 20 pixels.
Table 8-11. Example Number Format Patterns in Spanish (Spain)
Man keyword (Manual) 24 management shells (productspecific) 49 mandatory parameters 29, 228 Manual (Man) keyword 24 mass management 144 batch cmdlets 145 enumeration 151 no suitable cmdlet 150 PowerShell approach 146 using WMI 146 VBScript approach 144 math 93, 177 math operators 294 MB shortcut 93 memory leaks 283 memory usage of jobs 138 methods 62, 66 accessing static members 295 AddDays 273 ConvertFromDateTime 274 ConvertToDateTime 274 date conversion 274 documentation 156 IndexOf 272 input arguments 66 invoking on multiple objects 175 of DateTime object 272 of deserialized objects 108 of String object 271 of WMI objects 122, 146 parentheses 175 to manipulate dates and times 272 to manipulate strings 271 ToLower 272 ToUpper 272 Trim 272
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