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1. Launch the Site Manager, log on using administrative credentials, and select Start. 2. Select Tools Options, and then the following: Select Show Warning Before Sending to Deleted Items Bin to Verify Delete. Select Enable Limited or Expanded Export Notice. Select Enable Preview Export Prompt for Confirmation During Export. 3. Save changes.
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Get-Content myfile.txt
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That completes our custom full-trust proxy; all you have to do now is register it with SharePoint. The best way is to add a new Feature to the project and set its scope to Farm level. Implement an event receiver for this Feature that will register the proxy when activated and unregister it when deactivated. This approach lets you easily manage the proxy from Central Administration. However, administrators can turn the proxy on or off as they like. To avoid that, you can hide the Feature and then make it available only for activation or deactivation using PowerShell or the STSADM command. In the event receiver, you have to implement the activation and deactivation methods, as shown in listing 7.5.
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Figure 1.3 Cloud computing as a concept entered our collective consciousness in mid-2007. This figure shows the rapid rise in popularity of the search term cloud computing as measured by Google. The labels correspond to major cloud announcements. A: Microsoft announces it will rent cloud computing space; B: Philadelphia Inquirer reports, Microsoft s cloud computing system grow is growing up ; C: Winnipeg Free Press reports, Google looks to be cloud-computing rainmaker. Source: Google Trends (www.google.com/trends), on the term cloud computing.
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You can then make the calculation to get the tileMapHeightInPixels just once in the init method, right after the tilemap is loaded:
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Now $s contains a single string containing the whole text of the file. We verified this by checking the length rather than displaying it. Next we ll split it into an array of words.
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When you experiment with different authentication options, you might be surprised to find that no connection to the database is created with the new credentials. In the case of SQL Server, you may not see the connection when using the Process Info screen in Enterprise Manager or executing the sp_who system procedure. The reason for this is most likely the report session caching that the Report Server does behind the scenes. The default
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<Storyboard x:Name="myStoryboard" Storyboard.TargetName="myRectangle"> <DoubleAnimation x:Name="myDoubleAnimation" Duration="00:00:03" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Opacity" From="0" To="1" /> <ColorAnimation x:Name="myColorAnimation" Storyboard.TargetProperty="(Shape.Fill).(SolidColorBrush.Color)" Duration="00:00:03" From="Green" To="Blue" /> </Storyboard> ... <Rectangle x:Name="myRectangle" Width="180" Height="60" Fill="Green" Opacity="0" />
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As we mentioned a little while ago, blocks really shine when used with GCD. GCD includes a set of functions that accomplish the same sorts of things that NSOperation and NSOperationQueue do, but with a different spin. The main difference is that, instead of explicitly creating a bunch of operations, optionally declaring inter-operation dependencies, and then assigning adding the operations to queues, with GCD you call a function that takes a block and adds it to a queue in a single step; interoperation
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The value displayed is the string representation of the object being assigned, truncated to fit in the display. It depends on the ToString() method defined for that object to decide what to display. This isn t always as useful as one would like. For example, with the hashtable:
In this example, there are two formal parameters to the function: $from and $count. When the function is called, each actual parameter will be bound to the corresponding formal parameter, either by position or by name. What does that mean Well, binding by position is obvious, as we can see:
Listing 16.4 Employee list code-behind
This XAML shows the Opacity of the Ellipse changing from .75 to 0 when the animation begins. Over the course of one second, the Opacity of the Ellipse will change to 0. If you ve defined a value for the From attribute, you don t have to set the To property. Instead, you can rely on the use of the By property.
WaitHandle-derived classes provide a means of constructing powerful synchronization mechanisms. In this chapter we will cover ManualResetEvent, AutoResetEvent, and Mutex. Just as the Monitor class allows for a thread to wait to acquire a lock on an object, the AutoResetEvent allows a thread to wait for a class derived from WaitHandle to become signaled. Each object derived from WaitHandle has two states: signaled and unsignaled. When an AutoResetEvent becomes signaled, any thread waiting for that event is released from the WaitSleepJoin state, triggering the AutoResetEvent
A recommended approach for implementing service packs and hotfixes
Mutual Exclusion Semaphore Objects
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