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Note You may not rename or delete ByLayer, ByBlock, Continuous, and Xref-dependent linetypes.
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Figure 2 13. Select text by touching the screen at the same time with two fingers.
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_source.VideoCaptureDevice = camera; VideoBrush videoBrush = new VideoBrush(); videoBrush.Stretch = Stretch.Uniform; videoBrush.SetSource(_source); PresentationSurface.Fill = videoBrush; _source.CaptureImageCompleted += (s, ea) => {
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particles.lifeRange = BBRangeMake(10.0,0.0); particles.decayRange = BBRangeMake(2,0.00);
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Here s the equivalent using its console application:
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4.5.7 MRJAppBuilder
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using Nullables; [Class] public class User { //... private NullableDateTime dismissDate; [Property] public NullableDateTime DismissDate
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When executing file-related shell script commands either in AppleScript or in the Terminal, you need to pass the path of the target file or directory as arguments to the Unix command. You can specify file paths in Unix commands in two ways: either as an absolute path or as a relative path. Passing an absolute path means you disregard your current location and assume that the starting point (which is also the top directory, in this case) is either the startup disk or the current user s home directory. Relative paths start from the current working directory. When specifying an absolute path starting from the startup disk level, you start the path with a slash. To indicate the startup disk only, you pass a slash by itself. The following shell script will list the content of the startup disk: do shell script "ls /" In a way, when executing the do shell script command from AppleScript, it is easier to use absolute paths starting from the startup disk since this is the path that is returned by the POSIX path property of alias file references. In the following script, you first get the path to the user s Documents folder using AppleScript s path to command, and then you get the POSIX path property of the result and use it with the ls command in a shell script: set mac_path to path to documents folder from user domain --> alias "Macintosh HD:Users:hanaan:Documents:" set unix_path to POSIX path of mac_path --> "/Users/hanaan/Documents/" do shell script ("ls " & unix_path) If you want to start from the current user s home directory, you have to precede the slash with a tilde: ~/. The following script will have the same result as the previous one, listing the contents of the Documents folder in the home directory: do shell script ("ls ~/Documents") To do this, however, you will need to build the path yourself without much help from AppleScript s various POSIX path amenities. You can also refer to disks other than the startup disk. To do that, you need to precede the name of the disk with the word Volumes. The script that follows lists the contents of the hard disk External2000: do shell script ("ls /Volumes/External2000") When writing shell scripts in the Terminal application, where they belong, the most common way to pass path arguments is as relative paths. Relative paths use an implied working directory for all your file-related commands. You can add on to that working directory or change the working directory and work from there. Imagine giving someone directions to the kitchen in your house. You may tell that person to go to the front door or a room and start from there (absolute paths), or you may ask that person where they are standing at the moment and give directions from that point. After all, they might be one doorway away, so why send them all the way to the front door to start You can change the working directory with the cd command, after which you can see the path to the working directory in the Terminal as the prefix to the commands. Figure 29-3 shows the Terminal after the working directory was changed with the cd command. The first line (after the welcome line) shows the cd command change the working directory to the AppleScript folder in the Applications folder on the startup disk. The next line starts with that directory as part of the command prompt. read datamatrix
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GroupedDropDownList A grouped cascaded dropdown list ScriptLink Adds JavaScript files to the page to avoid redundant registrations
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Martin s iPhone iPhone
tcImages.TabPages.Add(newPage); newPage.ResumeLayout(); } . . . imagesDlg.ShowDialog(); imagesDlg.Dispose(); }
blown away by too much complexity or technicality. I have found that students can handle bumps in the road if they know where they are going, and if they know that the rough stretches won t get too scary or dangerous.
// Get the position in tile coordinates from the touch location CGPoint touchLocation = [self locationFromTouches:touches]; CGPoint tilePos = [self tilePosFromLocation:touchLocation tileMap:tileMap];
8.2.4 Making progress visible
<local:ColumnGraph3DControl x:Name="graphCtrl" Grid.Column="1" Height="Auto" Width="Auto"/>
Creating a new station couldn t be easier. Just touch the New Station button along the bottom row. Type in the name of an artist, song, or composer. When you find what you are looking for, touch the selection and Pandora will immediately start to build a station around your choice. You can also touch Genre and build a station around a particular genre of music. You ll then see the new station listed with your other stations. You can build up to 100 stations in Pandora. TIP: You can organize your stations by pressing the By Date or ABC buttons at the top of the screen.
We have a couple of basic rules to help make your Contact list on your iPad more useful. Rule 1: Add anything and everything to your Contacts. You never know when you might need that obscure restaurant name, or that plumber s number, etc. Rule 2: As you add entries, make sure you think about how to find them in the future (First, Last, Company). We have many tips and tricks in this chapter to help you enter names so that they can be instantly located when you need them. TIP: Here a good way to find restaurants: Whenever you enter a restaurant into your contacts list, make sure to put the word restaurant into the company name field, even if it s not part of the name. Then when you type the letters rest, you should instantly find all your restaurants!
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