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If it succeeds, you should receive a message similar to the following as an output message in the query window.
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private void Hyperlink_RequestNavigate(object sender, RequestNavigateEventArgs e) { System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(e.Uri.ToString()); }
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Registry Editor
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Most of the using statements are standard, but we do need to add a using statement for 3D elements b, as well as for our specialized collection. We have our usual ObservableCollection from the previous chapter c and a SetData method e for passing in the collection. When the collection changes, the Update() method will be called f. We ll get to the implementation of that method in a little while. At the moment, all the method does is call the ClearModels() method g. We can t clear the entire collection because we don t want to delete our lights every time we re-create our models, so the method steps through the collection and gets rid of any models that are not lights. We ve also changed the colors that we re going to use for our graph d because lighter colors tend to come out better in 3D. Now that we have our new control, we can put it into the GraphHolder control in place of any of the 2D implementations. Because it implements the SetData method, all we have to do is change the XAML.
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This chapter summarized the features in the web interface and in SharePoint Designer 2010. What you ve seen so far are mostly end-user tasks, and this is essential knowledge for you as a developer. If you understand how end users work with SharePoint, you ll likely design and build Web Parts that will be more usable. At this point, you should be acquainted with the various parts of the SharePoint 2010 interface and the features that we ll address later in the book. If you re new to SharePoint 2010, then give yourself some extra time to become accustomed to the new interface. You should also explore the possibilities of the new SharePoint Designer 2010, which is a whole new experience compared with the previous SharePoint Designer version, 2007. You can accomplish a lot with this application and the out-of-the-box Web Parts, especially the new XSLT List View Web Part, and you should have these at hand in your toolbox. By now you re probably anxious to see some code and that s where we re heading next.
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Listin g 2-11. C Array of Integers
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The following query will help you identify indexes in your database that are not used at all, or are used more during maintenance operations than for improving query performance. As with the query to find unused procedures, what you do with this information will rely heavily on how long SQL Server has been up and running. If you restarted SQL Server this morning, then these statistics may not yet represent an adequate sample of your workload. And as with the unused procedure code, you will need to create this object in each relevant database, because it returns metadata from the local catalog view sys.indexes. (If you want to use the system object technique, the changes to the code are similarly simple.) This code is shown in listing 7.
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Implement the new
This is a unit test for the persistence layer. If the Assert fails, it means that there is a bug in its implementation. We cover testing in more detail in section 8.1. So far, you ve implemented the internal structure of the domain model, taking care of its data and its behavior. Now it s time to address some issues related to the environment in which this domain model is used.
Figure 11.17 Use the AWReportViewer control to report off ADO.NET datasets by setting its DataSource property to a plain-vanilla or typed dataset.
. . . catch (ThreadAbortException ex) { Thread.ResetAbort(); Trace.WriteLine(ex.ToString()); } finally { Trace.WriteLine("Finally!"); } Trace.WriteLine("This will be reached"); . . .
The .NET Framework introduced security policies that you can apply to your applications. I don t feel that this chapter would be complete unless we discussed this topic, because it is very important and often gets overlooked when you are developing .NET applications. Have you ever deployed a .NET application to either production or a staging area and had a feature that used to work in your development environment suddenly stop working on deployment Most of us have. Chances are, it has something to do with security, and chances are even better (if it is indeed a security issue) that it involves your application s security policy. The .NET Framework s Code Access Security (CAS) allows you to specify a security context for your application. This means that you can apply a security context directly to an application to grant it security to do specific things to the machine that it is running on. Writing files is a good example. If you are developing an application that writes files directly to the client machine in which it is running, you can create a CAS policy that grants that application the right to write files to a specific directory which makes your application more secure because it can write files only to the specified directory. When you install the .NET Framework, a tool is added to your Administrative tools menu called the .NET Configuration 1.x, where x is the version number. For our examples, let s use the .NET Framework 1.1. If you expand the Runtime Security Policy group, you will see three of the four available security policy levels, as figure 9.25 shows. The three levels that are configurable through the .NET Configuration tool are Enterprise, Machine, and User. The fourth, Application Domain, is configurable at the application level. Here is a description of each security level: Enterprise Applies to all managed code in an enterprise environment where an enterprise configuration file has been distributed Machine Applies to all managed code that runs locally on a computer or server User Applies to code in all processes that is associated with the currently logged-on user at the time the CLR starts Application Domain Applies to managed code in an application s domain When an application starts, the CLR traverses this hierarchy of policies, starting at the Enterprise level and ending at the Application Domain level, to grant and restrict code access privileges. Policies in the lower levels can t assign permissions that have been restricted in an upper level of the traversal; however, they can further restrict permissions. For example, if the Enterprise level denies access to a certain resource, the User level can t grant access to that resource. The User level can, however, restrict other resources that have been granted previously. Each of these levels contains its own hierarchy of code groups and permission sets. A code group is a logical grouping of code that has a specified condition for membership.
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The browser element contains a unique id element for the specific browser and optionally a parent browser id element for inheritance of capabilities from other defined browser elements. The identification element defines how to match the specific browser, and the capabilities element contains all the defined capabilities of the browser. The isMobileDevice property is the property that SharePoint checks to see whether or not the device is going to be automatically redirected to the mobile interface. You can use the information in the file during runtime in your Web Part to detect the capabilities of the current browser. Do this by using the HttpBrowserCapabilities object, like this:
Changing Wallpaper from your Settings
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