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partitioning on which sharding is based has been around for a decade or more. There have been many implementations over this period, particularly high-profile, in-housebuilt solutions by internet leaders such as eBay, Amazon, Digg, Flickr, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Friendster, and even Wikipedia.
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This appears to imply that slices don t work in multi-dimensional arrays, but in fact they do when you use nested arrays of indexes and wrap the expression by using the comma operator in parentheses.
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b. Set the AboutText property to an appropriate string. c. Set the Owner property to the current Form. d. Set the dialog s Icon to use the current form s icon. e. Show the dialog.
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Adding, Saving, and Removing Files
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You can greatly enhance your report features by using expressions coupled with functions. You can write expressions manually or use the Expression Editor. The Reporting Services object model exposes five collections that you can reference in expressions: The Fields collection allows you to reference the report s dataset fields. The ReportItems collection exposes all textbox items. The Parameters collection allows you to reference the parameter values passed to the report. The Globals and User collections contain some useful global and userspecific values.
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Note Best practice: To help offset this overload, use fragment caching.
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Arrange-act-assert syntax for isolation
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ASP .NET mode restricts all read-only sites to ASP .NET-based content. Mixed mode supports read-only and read/write sites that use both Active Server Pages (ASP) and ASP .NET-based content. Use the SCA to view ASP compatibility mode. You cannot change the ASP compatibility mode without uninstalling and reinstalling MCMS.
We covered a lot of material in this chapter and hope you have realized that your life has been made much easier with the ReportViewer control. No more adding browser controls to your Windows applications; no more adding iFrames to your web pages... We started out with an overview of the ReportViewer control and how it works. We learned that the ReportViewer is a very handy control available with the 2.0 version of the .NET framework. The nice thing is that there is a ReportViewer control for both Windows and web applications. While there are two different controls for the two types of applications, the design UI, properties, and look and feel are virtually identical. This makes it easy for developers to switch between Windows and web applications with ease when it comes to adding Reporting Services reports. We spent a little time comparing the differences between the two controls. We also learned that each of the controls has two processing modes: remote and local. The remote mode is used to pull reports from a Report Server and integrate them into the .NET 2.0 applications. This allows you to take advantage of the server features such as subscriptions, history, and centralized management. This works great for your applications where you have a dedicated access to a Report Server. If you do not have access to a Report Server, you can use the local mode of the ReportViewer. This means you can unplug yourself from the Report Server and create reports that access data from databases, business objects, and even Web services. We compared the
[task setArguments: args]; [task setCurrentDirectoryPath:dir]; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(getData:) name: NSFileHandleReadCompletionNotification object: [[task standardOutput] fileHandleForReading]]; [[[task standardOutput] fileHandleForReading] readInBackgroundAndNotify]; [task launch]; }
A record is a list where each item has a descriptive label: {name: "Burt", age: 30, member: true} Record labels can t contain spaces; however, terms defined in an application s dictionary that have a space can be used as a record label in a record created by that application. You can t get a record s item by position, only by label: age of {name: "Burt", age: 30, member: true} --> 30
Compiling the string encoding application
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