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.NET Table 3.3 MenuItem class
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With this method in place, the implementation for the -localSphereDidMove: method is straightforward. Update the _lastSentUpdate instance variable and then call -sendUpdates:
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The OrbitPanel control supports an arbitrary number (greater than zero) of orbits. Each orbit is a concentric circle starting at the center point. The amount of space allocated to an orbit is a function of the number of orbits and the size of the panel itself. If there are many orbits, the space will be narrower. The layout is done starting at angle 0 and equally dividing the remaining degrees by the number of items in the specific orbit. Items added to the panel may specify an orbit via the use of an attached property. In this section, we ll build this panel, starting with project creation, including the addition of a library project specifically made for this panel and for the custom control we ll build later in the chapter. We ll create a dependency property as well as an attached property, both because they re useful and because creating them is a necessary skill for panel and control builders. From there, we ll spend most of the time looking at how to perform the measure and arrange steps described in chapter 6 to layout the control. We ll wrap up this section with a guide for some potential enhancements should you desire to take the panel further on your own.
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Once you ve created the workbook within Visual Studio 2008, you ll be able to start adding controls and adding some code. Ideally, you ll reference your web service that returns the data from your entity, and then instantiate the web service and use the results to populate the ListObject control within the workbook. Figure 10.4 displays the Excel controls within Visual Studio 2008, with the ListObject added to the workbook sheet. The ListObject is then bound to the BDC data returned by the web service.
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Microsoft RS website (www.microsoft.com/sql/reporting/) First stop for the latest on RS. Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform website (www.microsoft.com/sql/evaluation/BI/default.asp) The Microsoft BI portal home page. A feature comparison between RS vs. Crystal Reports (http://certia.ramblainf.com/pdf/RSvsBO_En_v1.pdf) Ceria s Business Intelligence Team has developed a detailed feature comparison document that outlines how Microsoft RS stacks against Crystal Enterprise. A Guide to Developing and Running Connected Systems with Indigo (http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/04/01/Indigo/) In section 1.3 I emphasized the role of the RS service-oriented programming model. Read Don Box s article for more information about SOA.
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Figure 20-8. Setting a binding in Interface Builder To set a binding, select the object to bind and open the Bindings palette. In Figure 20-8, the visual representation of the Reset button is selected. Expand the property to bind, and then choose the object and key path (property name) to bind it to. In this example, the enabled property of the button is bound to the started property of the game property of the NIB s owner. Since this is the document s NIB file, the NIB s owner is the TTTDocument object owner objects are explained in the next section. There are lots of settings in a binding, many of which will vary depending on the type of property and the type of value being bound. The settings of most interest are as follows:
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Coding Several Paths with the else if Idiom
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CHAPTER 11: Shine On: Environment Mapping and Reflections with OpenGL ES
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img.Width = docCopy.PageWidth; img.Height = docCopy.PageHeight; img.Source = renderTarget; border.Child = img;
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method, which would result in a concatenation, the DataContext translates the expression into a parameterized query. In this case, we can thwart users trying to inject commands into the query string.
The SetProperties script file calls the SetProperties SOAP API to configure the custom properties for two reports: CustomParameters=True for the Purchase Orders report and RemoteCall=True for the Employee Sales Freeform report. The Report Wizard s GetReportProperties method calls the RS GetProperties SOAP API to find out if these properties are defined. If this is the case, it updates two flags in the Report Entity object. We will see in a moment how the Report Wizard utilizes these user-defined properties. Determining the report s execution options As we said in chapter 7, you can configure a report to be executed as a snapshot, in which case the Report Server saves the report s intermediate format (IF) in the RS Configuration Database and serves all subsequent requests using the cached instance. Because a snapshot represents a static capture of the report at a specific point in time, the Report Server doesn t allow you to pass report parameters because the snapshot already includes the parameterized data. To determine the next step after Step Reports, the Report Wizard queries the Report Server to find out how the report is configured to be executed. Then, it saves the execution option in the ExecutionOption field of the ReportEntity object. If the report is 358
After the project has been created, you end up with a structure that includes an Assets folder with application styles (see chapter 23 for more on styling) and a Views folder that includes two pages and an error window dialog. You ll also see the usual MainPage.xaml and App.xaml files in the project root. When you run the unmodified application, using the default application style, you ll end up with something that looks like figure 15.4.
PS (1) > $a = @" >> Line one >> Line two >> Line three >> "@ >> PS (2) > $a Line one Line two Line three
The shell would read in the CSV file and display the process information. It wouldn t be based on live information, of course, but it would be a snapshot from the exact point in time when you created the CSV file. What if CSV files aren t what you need PowerShell also has an Export-CliXML cmdlet, which creates a generic command-line interface (CLI) Extensible Markup Language (XML) file. CliXML is unique to PowerShell, but it can be read by any program capable of understanding XML. There s also a matching Import-CliXML cmdlet. Both cmdlets, like Import-CSV and Export-CSV, expect a filename as a mandatory parameter.
[thing release];
Depending on the storage capability, SQL Server should achieve much higher I/O throughput in test 1 than in test 2: a direct consequence of using large I/Os. The query performs significantly better in terms of elapsed time in test 1 than in test 2 because of the higher disk I/O throughput in test 1. In this experiment, the same query ran almost four times as fast in test 1 as it did in test 2. On a lower end disk subsystem that has lower throughput capacity, the difference will not be so pronounced. For instance, on a disk subsystem whose maximum
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