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int mSomeNum; int mOverrunMe[16]; int mIGetStomped; };
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CHAPTER 14: Game Center barcode printing crystal reports
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C# keywords (continued) Keyword protected Description Access modifier for types and type members that indicates the object or member is only accessible by the containing type or by types derived from the containing type. Access modifier for types and type members that indicates the object or member is accessible by any type. Indicates that a field cannot be assigned except in the declaration of the field or the constructor of the containing type. Indicates that any changes made to a method parameter should be reflected in the variable when control returns to the caller. Unlike the out keyword, a variable used as a ref method parameter must be initialized. Terminates execution of the containing method and passes control and the result of the method back to the caller. Denotes a signed 8-bit integer value from 128 to 127 An . explicit cast is required to convert an integer value to a sbyte type. Indicates that a class cannot be inherited. A sealed class cannot also be abstract. Note that struct types are implicitly sealed. Denotes a 16-bit integer value from 32,768 to 32,768. An explicit cast is required to convert an integer value to a short type. See example for const keyword. Example See also section 1.2.2, page 16 and section 9.1.1, page 265
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The preprocessor definition ARCH_OPTIMAL_PARTICLE_SYSTEM, instead of an actual class name, is used to determine during compilation which of the two particle systems this class should subclass from. The definition in cocos2d is based on the processor architecture and results either in a CCQuadParticleSystem or CCPointParticleSystem:
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The My Subscriptions page is similar to the screen linked to the Subscriptions tab, but it doesn t give the user an option to create new subscriptions. Using My Subscriptions or the Subscriptions tab from the report properties allow users to: Make changes to an existing subscription See the last date and time when the subscription was run Verify the subscription status Delete the subscription
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You need to assign the IInterceptor to an NHibernate ISession when you first open the session:
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16.2 Classifier function read barcode 128
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A partition scheme references a partition function and lists the filegroups corresponding to the partition numbers for mapping. Figure 5 shows a partition scheme and the partition/filegroup mappings using the RANGE RIGHT partition function from figure 4. A partitioned table/index is created much like any other. The only difference is that the CREATE statement specifies a partition scheme and column name instead of a filegroup name. When an index is created on a partitioned table, by default it is partitioned using the same partition scheme as the base table (aligned), unless a different partition scheme or a filegroup is specified. The script in listing 1 shows the DDL to create a partitioned sales transaction table with data and indexes explicitly aligned.
Now let s move on to the .m file:
- (IBAction)handleDownload:(id)sender { NSMutableArray *args; MyTask *task; [self displayCmdLine:@"Downloading files, please wait..."]; [limController getParameters:param]; [downloadController getParameters:param]; [retrievalController getParameters:param]; [htmlFtpController getParameters:param]; [param setValue:@"url":[url stringValue]]; [self raiseSheet]; args = [param getData]; task = [[MyTask alloc] init]; [task runTask:WGET_CMD theDirectory:directory theArgs:args getOutputFrom:1]; [self closeSheet:sender]; [AppSupport setStatusMsgWithDate:theStatus theMsg:[task output]]; [self displayCmdLine:@"Download complete."]; if ([task exitStatus] != 0) NSRunAlertPanel(@"Error getting files", @"wget returned an error.", @"OK", NULL, NULL ); [task release]; }
16.2 Read-Host
In this chapter we extended the MyAlbumExplorer project built in chapter 14 to add a TreeView control. We divided our main window using the Splitter class in order to create a classic explorer window such as that used in the Windows operating system for browsing the file system. A tree view contains a hierarchy of TreeNode objects, and we created a tree displaying our album files and the photos in each album. We discussed common operations within a tree view such as expand, collapse, selection, and label editing. During the course of the chapter, the ListView and TreeView controls were integrated to display a common interface, with changes to one control reflected in the other control. We also added a PictureBox control in order to display the image associated with a selected photograph node in the tree. The explorer interface we saw in these last two chapters is one of three kinds of standard Windows interfaces. In part 2 of this book we built what is called a single document interface. In the next chapter we will look at another kind of interface, namely the multiple document interface.
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